Shopping & Wigs Buying Guide for Hair & Beauty Canada



We want all of our customers to be happy ones. Shopping online is easy and fun. Knowing is half the battle. Our team has worked really hard to put together all of the information that you would need to shop with us and be successful. Please read the handy suggestions below to get the most out of your experience shopping online with us.


  1. Always, always, always login to your store account before placing an order. This will help you collect points for your purchase, earn maintain bonus rewards and help you save money when you shop.
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  2. Whenever you find an item that you really love in our store, add the item to your Wishlist and we will notify you when they it's on sale.
  3. Submit reviews with photos of the products you ordered when they arrive so you can get extra reward points and discounts.
  4. Subscribe to our newsletters and text messages so you don't miss out on any of our sales.
  5. Open an account and always keep your account profile up to date. Add your birthday to your profile and earn extra points and even get a special gift!wig shopping
  6. Save our website by bookmarking it on your smart phone or web browser so that you can come back and shop quickly and easily every time.
  7. Track your orders online through your account page or the contact page on our website.
  8. Understand that shopping online is very different from shopping in the physical. Try to be aware of slight colour differences and size irregularities that could result from viewing products on a device. We have provided charts and descriptions to help you decide. This information can be found in our resources section.
  9. If there is something you cannot find, please make use of the search bar at the top of our website and type in your query. Some results will show up that will hopefully show you what you need. If not, contact us.
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  10. When ordering wigs for the first time (especially human hair ones) always first read through all of our wig care and expectations articles before ordering to make sure that you order the right one as human hair wigs primarily are final sale. These articles will help you know the right size, how to get the correct colour, how to care for your items and what to expect.
  11. Become familiar with our store policies such as returns, exchanges or shipping, by reading the information provided on our Frequently Asked Questions pages.
  12. If you have questions about a product or are not sure about something, contact us and ask us! We will be happy to send the information that you need in a timely fashion. There are many ways to contact us live on page or via social media or here.
  13. Always know that we are here to help. Ask if you don’t know or understand. We are ready and eager to give you the information that you need to make the best purchasing decision.  

Happy Shopping!


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