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Custom Wig Design - Wigs Made to Fit

Hair & Beauty Canada offers professional custom wig making and hair restoration services for anyone who needs specialized service.

Our professional design experts will design you a realistic, natural, completely hand tied human hair wig in any colour or style sized to perfection!  Our wigs are designed with the latest hair industry technology providing our customers with the most natural looking hair systems on the market. 

Our wigs are completely undetectable to anyone even at close range! Say goodbye to bad hair days and get that beautiful hair you've always dreamed about in only 60 days or less. Contact us for your free no...

Different Ways To Install Your Full Lace Wigs

Fixing your full lace wigs might come as a daunting task if you are new to full lace and lace front wigs. However, wigs brand these days have made this process simpler so that wigs for women can be worn hassle free. But no matter how easy it might look, it takes a lot of practice to perfect wearing wigs. After all, it is the right fit which matters and one must use the best way to fix it up on the scalp.

So here are some tried and tested ways to install these...

Wig Customization and Popular Wig Styles From Hair and Beauty Canada

Happy and creative wigging requires no season or reason, once you feel that you are ready to explore a whole new dimension of weaves and hair extensions just set on your hearts and pockets for the same. We never said that it’d be cheap but then it’ll be a luxurious investment with long-term returns. As you step into the bandwagon of using human hair wigs you’d realize that there are certain do’s and don’ts of human hair wigs. Let the ride begin.

How To Make Wigs

Choosing a...

Expensive Wigs: A Purchase Worth Investing!

Ever wondered why wigs are so expensive? Just like designer clothes and custom accessories, human hair wigs can also be customized that makes them worth quite a small fortune. Also, human hair wigs of high quality are expensive. Give or take but purchasing a wig is an investment in itself. Buyers tend to buy expensive wigs not because more economic options aren’t available but because of the long-term usage needs among other things.


Take Jon Renau wigs for example. The best in their category, these wigs offer...

Wig Accessories: The Must Haves For Wig Maintenance

Buying yourself a wig has to be one of the most difficult tasks for people who are using this hair accessory for the first time. However, with use over the time, you learn the ropes of the game. This means that you not only have to buy yourself a wig but also certain wigs accessories to make sure that your investment remains in a prim and proper position till the end of its usage cycle.

After you get to know the know-hows of using a wig, it is then when you realize that you can even...