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How To Prevent Your Wigs From Getting Itchy?

February 20, 2017


When you are using wigs it is very obvious to feel itchy at some point or the other and the reasons can be many. C’mon ladies, your own locks too need to breathe and you just can’t ignore them like that. Covering them under the human hair wigs do not just make them suffocated but also put an adverse effect on your scalp. And, this is what causes itching. So for all the regular wig users out there, it’s time to say goodbye to that intolerable itching and scalp irritation. This post outlines some amazing solutions which can relieve you from the daily discomfort caused by your wigs.

We know those uncomfortable sensations after wearing a wig can leave anybody irritated and difficult to talk. But this doesn’t mean you would stop wearing a wig. Giving up on wigs is not that easy when you are suffering from alopecia or thin hair or abnormal baldness. Therefore, the only thing which can be done is to take preventive measures against the side-effects of human hair wigs and hairpieces. Here is the list of things that will help you have a pleasing wig wearing experience.

•    Never Compromise On The Quality Of Your Human Hair Wigs: Whichever type of wigs you go for whether synthetic or real, pick the high-quality ones only because in any way it is you who has to bear the consequences of its being poor. Going with quality products will cause less itching, less irritation and they have a tendency for less product build up.

•    Always Refresh Your Scalp With Alcohol-free Solutions: When you have to wear wigs for a whole day long, scalp itching is common. So to prevent this refresh your scalp with some alcohol-free solutions that help in removing excess oils, which otherwise might lead to bacteria and infections. Do this once every 2-3 hours using a damp cloth and I bet you will never feel itchy after this.

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•    Your Human Hair Wigs Should Be Properly Rinsed: Never ever wash your wig in a hurry because you will only pay its price afterward. Always take out a quality time for wig washing and rinsing. Make sure it is free from shampoo and all types of hair styling products as these only results in itching and irritation when you wear your wigs again.

•    Before Wearing Wigs, Always Cover Your Scalp With Cotton Or Silk Wig Liner: This is the best way to prevent your scalp from getting dry and itchy. Wearing these liners will help retain the moisture and will make your head feel comfortable under the wig.

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•    Make Use Of Zinc Lotion To Disinfect Your Scalp: When you wear wigs your own hair are deprived of necessary air and moisture, which in turn can result in infections, irritations, and itching. Therefore, it’s essential to disinfect your scalp regularly to prevent it from becoming a breeding ground for bacteria.

No more fighting with itchy scalp problems dear ladies! We have got the way out to deal with them all! Time to mind your wigs now!

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