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Handy Makeup Application Tips for Anyone

October 12, 2017

Handy Makeup Application Tips for Anyone

Make up applied properly will spruce up your eyes regardless of their color or shape,  tone down dark circles and under eye bags, highlight the best parts of your face and blur its imperfections. There are several general rules that proved their effectiveness over time when it comes to getting the most out of your makeup.

Take care of your skin The makeup application starts with the face, goes to the eyes, and ends with the lips. The skin face needs to be prepared: remove the old makeup and dirt with a makeup remover, wash the face using a soft facial cleanser to get rid of grease and sweat, and apply a moisturizer to hydrate the skin. The oil-free moisturizers work better because they prevent the skin from producing excess oil and maintain the makeup features longer.

The face

Once you've  finished the skin moisturizing procedure, it is recommended to apply a primer (to better keep in place the makeup) and wait a few minutes until it is absorbed. Blemishes, dark spots, red patchy areas, under-eye circles and pimples are best covered with a concealer applied in dots and smoothed out with the fingertips. No matter if the foundation is liquid, powder, or cream, its role is to display the natural tone of your skin. For this reason, the foundation color has to be similar to your natural skin color. Start with large dots placed on the center and then go toward the neck and earlobes using a latex sponge applicator or a foundation brush. Optionally, you may apply a thin layer of transparent powder with a fluffy brush to set the foundation and reduce the impact of perspiration.

There are certain areas of the face such as the cupid bow, below eyebrows, inside the eye corner, and the top of the cheekbones that need to be brightened with a highlighter to build the impression of depth and shadows. A darker shade of powder applied to the hollows of the cheeks and the sides of the nose creates a longer and slimmer appearance. Then look in the mirror and add a little blush on the round parts of the cheeks that form when you smile (the apples of the cheeks), just to enhance their natural color.


The eyes

Optionally, you can start by applying an eye shadow primer on your eyelids in order to maintain the eye shadow for longer. You need three hues of eye shadow: dark, medium, and light. The darker shade is applied on the eyelid along the lash line, the medium one is for the crease, and the light shade covers the underneath eyebrow area. Keep in mind to let the eye shadow mix with the skin tone. Use eyeliner to draw a continuous line that follows the lash line and apply two coats of mascara that add volume and length to get fuller lashes and add false eyelashes for a dramatic look. The lips Do not skip the application of a thin layer of lip balm to prevent your lips from peeling into flakes. A lip liner that best suits your lip color is great to define the natural line of the lips; start applying the lipstick or gloss from the center of the lip and continue toward the lip corners. Do not forget to remove the lipstick spots from your teeth.

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