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How to Put in Contacts

December 04, 2017

How to Put in Contacts

Contact lenses are speedily being considered as a handy, useful, and hassle-free alternative to the regular glasses which are boring sometimes. However, if you are new to contact lenses then putting them properly might seem like a tough task. If you can wear them right then you don't need to worry about lenses getting stuck in your eyes or causing irritation unnecessarily. So the sole question right now is how to put in contacts properly?

 Following certain steps can ensure that your lenses stay clean and are perfectly safe for use. Let’s check out how to put in contacts the right way now:

  • To begin with, clean your hands with soap and water.  Bring out the lenses from their case. Place one of the lenses on your index finger or the finger that you are more comfortable with. Pull the upper and lower eyelids apart and place lens gently on your eye and ones it's placed comfortably try to blink your eyelids. Once you have done this carefully for one eye, you can repeat the same for your next eye.
  • Ensuring long-term use of the contact lenses also mean that you have to maintain them properly and with great care. Always keep your lenses in a solution made specifically for better maintenance of contact lenses. It's also important to dispose your lenses within a particular given date. There are lenses that should be disposed daily and then there are the lenses that should be discarded weekly and monthly.  It's highly hazardous to wear your lenses after the recommended date.
  • Before wearing your lenses you are supposed to wash them with soap and rinse them thoroughly so that no soapy residue remains and at the end dry your hands with a towel or blow drying is also a good option. While placing the contacts you need to place the hallow side on your finger but ensure that the sidewalls don't touch your skin. Basically, your contact lens should look like a bowl or a sphere that’s cut into half. However, you must also remember not to place your lens on your nail. It has to be placed on the tip of your finger.
  • While the lens is still placed on your finger, you should inspect it for damages or any external particles that can cause irritation to your eyes. If external particles or debris are visible then you need to clean your lens in solution again.
  • Once you are more experienced with pulling the eyelids apart you can fit the lens by pulling down the lower lid. Stay very calm while placing your lens and avoid making any jerky moves. Just place the lens, centered on your iris and carefully slid it to your eyeball if required. If this seems to be tough then you should close your eyes and look around in all direction so that the lens can be centered properly. Always note if there's any irritation with your lenses and if there is a problem then remove it immediately and clean it with the lens solution. Once you have worn your lenses successfully, just pour the lens solution into the sink, and empty the case before closing it.

So here you get the answer to how to put in contacts in these simple steps. Follow them to ensure better visibility.

Putting your contacts is not some battle, with the right techniques; you will eventually get things right with your contact lenses. 

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