5 Synthetic Short Wigs You Shouldn’t Miss Trying This Year

Are you the one who is obsessed with experimenting short hair, but at the same time, facing the problem of not having voluminous hair? Well, Don’t worry, there’s an option of Synthetic Wigs because we know that  ‘Life is too short to have boring and damaged hair’.

Not just they come with versatile textures, longevity, and natural look but also saves you from those rainy and sunny days. However, there’s always confusion between Human hair wig vs synthetic wig when it comes to choosing the best one. So to make things clear, human hair wigs are made from the harvested human hair and requires high maintenance while the synthetic wigs are created with man-made fibers using some specialized technology, which not only resembles your natural hair but also gives you that much-needed styling texture and color variations. Both the wig types have their plus and minus but if you are someone looking for more durability, then you must explore human hair wigs Canada collection.

Synthetic Short Wigs
Now talking about the synthetics, well, they are quite in trend these days because of their versatile style options. You can check out its exclusive, customizable, and sensational collection under Canadian wigs which are definitely a ‘must-buy’ element of this season. Also, with its short wigs gaining quite the momentum among the wig lovers, it’s time to try out different short hairstyles for that different look. And, the best part is short wigs suit almost every face shape and color so you can never go wrong with them.

So here we have the best ‘5 Synthetic Short Wigs’ that are simply hard to resist:

Abbey Mono Top Wig:

Price: $799.95 CAD

Abbey Mono Top Heat Friendly Wig by Envy
Abbey is a complete package of hand-tied hair with an ultra soft silk chiffon lining, which is light-weight and comes in different colors and textures. Right from Almond Breeze to Lighter Gray shades, there are about 20+ color variations in this collection. The natural look of the wig along with its longevity and heat resistance features at a reasonable price is sure to make you fall in love with this short wig.

Acclaim Gabor Wigs:

Price: $399.97

Acclaim Gabor Wigs
A hand-tied light wig with cool comfort and a sheer scalloped hairline which is designed to suit every face shape. Acclaim Wigs come with exquisite features of Velvet lined ear tabs, Velvet lined extended nape and a natural looking hairline. These wigs never fail to rock with their classic cut of softly waved layers and looks classy. Its color variations right from the Dark Chocolate color to Sugared Silver will give you that unique look that you have also wanted, making you the eye candy of every event.

Adeline Wig:

Price: $524.88 CAD

Adeline Wig
This wig is the perfect blend of frizzy and tousled waves with the flounce short bob look! It features a lace front with lace part cap with the ultra-thin adjusters at a very reasonable price. Be it pastel pink, brown, silver, black or red, there are a lot of options which pairs up perfectly with your office or party look!

Amber Wig:

Price: $467.99 CAD

When it comes to classy and high society looks, then what can be perfect than this one! A feathered cut with full body & long tapered nape, this short and curly wig with the monofilaments is an impeccable choice for anyone. Its soft hair, frizzy look, and different shades and textures make it the best pick for any occasion.

Angled Cut Wig:

Price: $200.95 CAD

Angled Cut Wig
Suitable for oval, round, square, diamond, heart and pear shaped faces, these wigs come in asymmetrical cut and gels well with any attire. Being heat-resistant, it gives you the flexibility to use various styling tools on different temperatures with a wide velvet comfort band in front to prevent friction. These wigs make a perfect pick for a sleek profile, crafting out a sassy textured appeal.

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So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to flaunt your different looks with this trendy short wig collection this year and let your diva personality shine.

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