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⭐10% OFF - NEWSHOPPER for orders over $50

15% OFF - WELCOMEDEAL for orders over $100

 20% OFF - SHOPPERLOVE for orders overs $400



Terms of use for discount codes & promotions

Please abide by the following store policies

DISCOUNTS CANNOT BE COMBINED AT CHECK OUT. (No stacking of discount codes is permitted. Coupon codes will be disabled during slashed price store-wide sales.)

Only one discount code or promotional discount can be applied per order.

Note that some exclusions may apply to discounts or promotions such as brand name, product type, in stock items vs not in stock, location (ie. for residents of Canada only), quantity ordered or cart amount total. 

If you apply an automatic discount to your order, eg. buy X get Y deals, additional coupons cannot be used on the order

In the event of buy x get y free deals, note that the lower priced item will be offered as the freebie

Where there are discount coupon codes for various promotions - only one coupon code can / will be applied

Failure to abide by these policies will result in immediate order cancellation

For more information about our store products and policies, please read our Frequently Asked Questions pages.