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Returns Policy

Do you allow returns?

What is your returns policy?

Do you offer refunds?

What products are eligible for a return or exchange?

How much is your restocking fee on returns?

Can I use my credit code and a discount coupon at the same time?

How long does my store credit last?

How do I apply my discount code?

Can I return something I bought on sale?

Payment Options

What forms of payment do you accept?

Do you accept cheques or money orders?

Do you offer payment plans or lay away plans?

Coupon Codes | Store Promotions

How can I get a coupon?

Is it possible to use two coupon codes at once?

Can I use a coupon after I already placed my order?

How can I be notified about sales or get more coupons?

Why is my Coupon code not working?

Can I use my store credit with a sale code?

Can I use a coupon code more than once?

Do you have any store promotions running currently?


Are you shipping during quarantine?

Do you offer free Shipping?

How much does shipping cost?

How will I know about my shipping status?

Will you ship to a Post Office PO Box?

When will my order arrive?

Wig Help

How do I take care of my wig?

How often should I wash or wear my wig?

What's the difference between a human hair wig and a synthetic wig?

Can I use a curling iron or heat on a synthetic wig?

How will I know that the wig will fit or how to know my size?

How much do your synthetic wigs costs in price range please?

Can I swim in my wig?

Will my wig fall off?

How do I put on lace wigs?

Why does my human hair wig look flat?

How do I apply a human hair lace wig?

How long can I wear my full lace wig?

Do you sell stock full lace wigs?

Do you make custom wigs?

How much does it cost to order a custom wig?

How long does it take to order a custom wig?

General Questions

Do you have a catalog?


Where are the colour charts and how do they work?

I am unable to see the color charts properly. Can I get more help?

Store Information

How long has your business been in operation?

Do you have a store where I can try wigs on?

Where are you located?

Rewards Points Program

How can I earn points?

How much money do I earn?

How can I see how many points I have?

How do I know if I have enough points to pay for something?

Is it possible to pay for an entire order points only?

Are there any other ways I can earn additional free points?