How to Choose the Best Colour for My Wig or Hairpiece

    Best Colour for My Wig or Hairpiece


    lour for My Wig or Hairpiece

    Changing your hair colour or finding the perfect match can is fun and exciting but finding a new colour can be a bit challenging.

    It is always nice to change your look and to try something new. Sometimes however, viewing colour charts online can be frustrating not knowing how the item will look when you receive it.

    For this reason, we have provided some handy tips and advice on how to choose the best colour, and read those wonderful colour codes located on most wig charts.

    Please remember that these are general tips that should only be used as a guide. Colours may differ depending on your device's screen resolution and colour perceptions is different for all of us. 

    Have you ever had that friend who insisted that your purple shirt was lilac when it clearly was not? If so, then please read on as this can happen when it comes to hair colours and choosing online. Please read below and remember, if you don't know something ask. We are here and happy to help.


    Please note: Most product colours are located within the product slide show. If you don't see colour charts or descriptions please read on.

    To view the colours available for the BRAND of your item, please click the link below:


    If the product you are interested in does not have a colour chart, please read below for information on how to understand colour codes. If you need additional help or
    require us to send you larger images or samples of colours such as photos or colour rings, please feel free to send a message to our customer support.

    Colour Chart Tips to help you figure out the colour codes

    Colour codes vary from one manufacturer to another but the basic rule of thumb is that the lower the number, the darker the shade is and the higher the number the lighter the shade is. The darkest colour in most manufacturers is BLACK, colour 1 or 1B Off Black.

    Colours that include the letter H usually refer to the word: "Highlight" which means the number following the H is the highlighted colour and the number before the H is the base colours.

    Colours that include the letter F usually refer to "Frosted" colours which is a lighter highlighted distribution of colour within the base shade

    Colours with a / indicate an equal blend or 50/50 colour distribution.

    Similarly, colours with R can mean "Rooted" where the colour has a darker root.

    Please find below, additional rules of thumb regarding colour chart. This should only be used as a guide. No two colours are the same. Further, human hair colours are usually lighter than synthetic or heat-resistant fibres so choose wisely.

    1, 1B - Black Colours
    2, 4, 6 - Dark to Medium Brown / Chestnut Brown
    8, 10 - Golden Browns
    12, 14, 16, 18 - Ash Blondes
    22, 24 - Wheat or Honey Blondes
    27 - Strawberry Blonde
    613 - Bleach Blonde
    30 - Light Auburn
    33- Dark Burgundy
    130 - Henna Red
    51, 56 - Grey, Silver, Brown Mixes
    60 - White


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