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6 Best Long Colored Wigs You Should Buy This Year

Wigs have come a long way from being something you pull out from the back of your closet on every special occasion. Today’s wigs let you switch your look in the blink of an eye. And, no matter what your personal style, whether you love to wear long layered or colored wig, there is something out there for everyone, be it in terms of quality, color, length or texture.

And, if you’re looking to splash out on something trendy, here’s the list of 6 best wigs to compliment your look:

Arctic Melt Wig:

Arctic Melt Wig
It is a beautiful, light-weight, trendy wig which gives you both comfort and convenience to flaunt your looks. These wigs come in gorgeous shades, right from pastel pink to cobalt blue, which is sure to create the stunning unicorn vibes around you. These wigs have a dark rooted base in cobalt blue, lavender, and silver color, slightly gradating lighter towards the ends. Its open wefted cap, open ear tabs and velvet nape make it a comfortable fit on any scalp. Being heat-friendly, these can be flat ironed, curled or blow dried using thermal styling tools up to 350˚F/ 180˚C. All in all, Arctic Melt gives you #hairgoals and rocks your look at just $224.95.

Out of the Blue Wig:

Out of blue wig
Out of the Blue by Hairdo is a bold angled cut wig that offers natural volume and comfort at the same time. This colored wig features a cool, comfortable open wefted cap construction with open ear tabs, velvet-lined nape and also a “hidden” weft for reflecting a natural hairline. It also has a velvet comfort band in front to prevent friction along with ultra-thin adjusters at the nape for a personalized fit. You can glorify your look just by using styling tools and adding a full or side bang or simply shake a hairstyle in just a few minutes! In just $197, this wig has got you covered.

Peachy Keen Wig:

Peachy Keen Wig
As per popular wig guides, when it is about picking the best synthetic short wigs, there’s nothing better than Peachy Keen Wig! It’s the new millennial pink lace front wig, paired with a bob cut that has a customized side-swept bang. Its multi-faceted color has a darker root to add contrast and a natural look to your tresses. These wigs come with the feature of the open wefted cap, open ear tabs, and velvet nape, assuring 100% comfort for more than 24 hours. This light-weight, pastel pink colored trendy wig just costs $195.

White out Wig:

How about wearing a wickedly white colored wig for the next occasion? Sounds crazy, but it would surely give you a classy and edgy look. The wig’s classic mid-length hairstyle is updated and made more quintessential with a silver white base and darker roots. Its special feature of open wefted cap keeps you comfortable while you rock these locks. Also, since these wigs are heat-resistant, you can mold your personal style to curly or straight whenever you want.

Mint to Be Wig:


This wig not only offers you styling versatility but also fulfills your desire for classy hair without stripping or bleaching. This ready to wear colored wig will last for a day, a night or as long as your mint mood desires. The special features include the open wefted cap, open ear tabs, and an open extended nape. The adjustable cap is made to fit comfortably on your head and feels light and cool. You can flaunt your looks in its different color variations and style up the wig the way you want.

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Midnight Berry Wig:

This one is the perfect blend of purple berry hue and the hottest classy look. A wig with the hottest color at the root and side swept front layered bangs is what you need to complete your chic look. These wigs also feature open wefted cap, open ear tabs, and velvet nape to fit you at its best. Explore its super straight angled cut wig with different glossy shades of purple at just $211.

With wig season up, it’s time to shop for lots of wigs on sale and flaunt your new look every day. Put on that classy, edgy and perfect look by just switching to different range of color wigs now.

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