A Complete Guide About Differences Between Wigs, Hair toppers, and Hair Extensions

    Confused about what would look good on you? Well, the selection of wigs, toppers, or extensions depends on your requirements. Human hair wigs work well after major hair loss, post-chemotherapy, and severe cases of alopecia. While the hair toppers are used to cover the balding spots in the head. And, Hair extension Canada collection is an easy means of increasing either the volume or the length of the hair by adding synthetic or human hair to your natural hair. You can also find clip on hairpieces for short hair or cheap lace front wigs in case you are tight on budget to cover your receding hairline. Depending on your specific personal requirements, you can make the decision.

    Here are some different types of human hair wig options that you can try:

    Full lace human hair wigs: These wigs are made of best quality virgin Chinese hair and come with a density of 130%. So, if you dream of wearing long blonde hair with darker roots then definitely try Bella human hair wig, which is curated to accentuate your natural look and style.

    Bella Human Hair Wig
    Synthetic hair wigs: These are the heat-resistant varieties that can be easily styled and maintained. You can easily find a wig in the desired color, hair length, and density. The best part about synthetic wigs is its durability. And, the popular one under this category is the Sugared Pearl wig whose lavishness, platinum shine, and sleekness is what sets it apart. Be it in long loose waves, straight ends, or bouncy curls, this wig piece is unique yet trendy and can be an absolute head-turner.

    Sugared Pearl Wig
    Lace front wigs: These are the soft and subtle wigs that are nearly unrecognizable on the head. This is because of the lace hairline that covers things end to end. The monofilament wig comes with velvet ear tabs and extended nape to provide comfort. Soft and Subtle wig by Gabor is a hit in this category that features stylish tumbled waves in a blunt bob, making a perfect casual-chic piece for many face shapes.

    Soft and Subtle wig by Gabor
    European hair wigs: If you are looking for natural hair movement and a silky texture then these wigs are your allies. With silk top cap construction, these wigs are worth the money. Polina style wig is a gorgeously created European hair wig that has all the qualities required for a good hair look- Free flowing natural movements with silky, light, and airy texture.

    Polina + European Natural Hair Wig
    A look at the different hair toppers to choose from:

    Human hair toppers come in various colors. These Remy grade hair toppers have a silk base that is comfortable to use. One such hair topper collection is Oblong 14-inch silk base virgin cuticle Remy human hair topper that makes a perfect hairpiece for hiding your bald patches.

    Oblong 14 Inch Silk Base Virgin Cuticle Remy Human Hair Top

    Synthetic hair toppers come with base clips that help to hold the topper in place firmly. They have a monofilament base. Among this topper collection is the gorgeous 18-inch topper that beautifully restores your natural look with its added length, volume, and hand-tied mono-top, which fits in securely and comfortably.

    Top Full 18 inch Synthetic Monofilament Hairpiece TopperHeat resistant hair toppers add volume and coverage to the head and also allow you to style your hair without restrictions. Heat resistant wavy top topper is a popular pick in this segment, which is 18 inches long and beautifully exhibits naturally flowing modern curls that don’t require any rollers or curling irons. Luxuriously hand pulled and made strand by strand, these toppers are extremely comfortable to wear.

    18" Wavy Heat Resistant Fibre Lace Front Mono Hairpiece Topper
    Heat resistant synthetic toppers are recommended for people who have just started losing hair. You can invest in these before you get a clear idea of what product you like. In this regard, Easipart HD 8 inches hair topper can be an ultimate savior for your hair loss journey, which is flexible and helps you get through this stage with ease.

    Easipart HD 8 inches Ladies Hair Topper
    The major difference between wigs, toppers, and extensions is as follows:

    Features Wigs Toppers Extensions
    Full-head coverage Yes No NA
    Helps cover balding spots Yes Yes NA
    Increases volume Yes No Yes
    Increases hair length Yes No Yes
    Blends with natural hair Yes Yes Yes
    Can be easily styled, colored, and cut Yes Yes Yes
    Worn with a wig cap (underneath grip) Yes No NA
    Requires clips and adhesives Yes Yes Yes

    As you can see from the table above, all three have different features and functions. So just select the one that suits your requirement and invest in high-quality pieces. Well then, get going and buy your first hair accessory! No matter it is a hair topper, wig, or an extension, what matters is how confident and comfortable you feel while wearing them. Just go with the one that makes you feel comfortable and light.

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