A Guide To Effective Wig Cleaning: Because Each Strand Counts!

    The wigs for women have come a long way today. From parties to medical treatments, they get all sort of attention. However, in the daily hustle of wearing a wig, we usually forget to look after their health. No matter whether you wear a synthetic wig or an expensive human hair wig, if there’s no love and care, these hairpieces start to wither. So wig maintenance is of utmost importance. Without this, your wig would definitely die.

    Here one of the most important wigs frequently asked question is, “what is the right way to clean your wig?” Though this sounds very basic, most of the wig wearers usually go wrong at this point only. Using any shampoo or conditioner or treating both synthetic and human hair wig alike are some of the reasons that add to inadequate cleaning methods. Therefore, it’s very important to follow the right steps in order to achieve long-lasting results.

    In this post, we’ll highlight the effective wig cleaning methods, following which, is sure to increase your wig’s lifespan and natural beauty.

    •Take a small trough or you can even use a sink to mix the wig shampoo and tap water

    •Soak your dirty wig in it for six minutes or more depending on how grimy it is

    •After a few minutes, gently dip the wig up and down in that water. You can also use a small brush to remove any stains if any

    •Now with the gentle hand, rinse it thoroughly

    •Use mild wig conditioner to restore its style. For this, again take clean water in a trough and add the required conditioner to make a solution. Put your wig in this solution and massage it gently with your fingers. Having it done sufficiently, just rinse it with a clean water

    •Always dry your wig using a towel and do not twist it anyway as this might destroy it. You can also air dry it to give it a manageable look

    •These cleaning steps are valid for both synthetic and human hair wig with just one caution for real wigs. That is the conditioner must be used with respect to the given product instructions. This allows the product to take full effect on the wig, thus, giving you the best results.

    •For drying the human hair wig, the same steps can be followed. Here, you can also use heat styling or blow drying as it helps to maintain the human hair style, which makes it look all the more natural.

    These wigs for women might look easy and time-saving but maintaining them has never been simple. You have to use the right things and follow the right steps to get the desired results. Doing it the right way is the only way to maintain their glow and form, which will eventually add to their fresh look and evergreen appeal. So make sure you use only trusted products to clean your wigs.

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