A review on the Zara Lace Front Wig by Jon Renau

August 22, 2016

A review on the Zara Lace Front Wig by Jon Renau

The Zara lace front wig belongs to the Jon Renau wig collection that counts about 125 styles and more than 100 colours. Founded in 1969, Jon Renau is a family business that has successfully grown year after year so that today is recognized as a top leader on the international market of wigs, hair extensions, and hair pieces. Customers can choose from a wide selection of wigs meant to best suit various needs and expectations.

Wig description

Zara lace front wigs are made of high quality synthetic fibers that provide a glossy look and natural feel. Each strand of hair is hand tied to the lace cap, creating the impression that hair grows right from the scalp and ensuring natural movement. Even persons with sensitive skin have the chance to wear a Zara lace front wig due to its fine-textured and delicate lace that prevents any itching or scratching problems. The soft lace follows the shape of the wearer’s head so that it can be trimmed and adjusted to fit the natural hairline.

The monofilament top allows proper ventilation all day long. In addition, you may part the hair just the way you wish and no one will know that you wear a wig. You don’t need any glue, tape or adhesives to put on your Zara lace front wig.

Features of the wig

This layered long wig, with an average sized cap, works great for different face shapes such as oval, square, oblong, pear, diamond, and heart. Zara wigs are marketed in a wide range of colors: deep black, copper red, brown blonde, brown auburn, stunning blonde, sun kissed brown blonde, caramel syrup, honey blonde, ashy brown blonde, and many more. No matter what you go for, be sure that the hues hit the latest color trends with a guaranteed eye catching effect.

With Zara lace front wigs, the styling options are practically unlimited. If it is hard for you to decide which one best fits you, ask for the help of a skilled hairstylist.

How to take care of your Zara Wig


The manufacturer recommends washing this pattern of wig every 6-8 wears. Before you start to wash the wig, use a paddle brush or a wide tooth comb to get rid of tangles. Untangle small portions of hair and try to avoid pulling out the fibers. Submerge the wig in cold water, add wig shampoo, and lather gently without rubbing the hair (it may lead to tangling and breakage). Rinse until the water runs clear. Roll the wig in a soft towel to remove excess water, and then spray 3-5 pumps of leave-in conditioner.

Let the wig air dry on the wig stand. If you want to make your wig looking fuller, backcomb the hair and apply a wig holding spray. Wig holding sprays are specially formulated to keep the wig shape, they are non-sticky, release with water, and do not add heavy build up.

Zara lace front wig by Jon Renau is a long and chic wig that makes you feel natural and feminine.  

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