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All About Human Hair Wigs – Terms, Procedures and Trends

It's obvious that every lady deserves to look best. Are you seeking something to look the best? Wig is fashion. So, you can look natural and stylish by wearing trendy human hair wigs. We have compiled a few commonly used human hair wig making terms for your convenience.


Adjustable Cap: This cap can alter its size using adjustable straps. It is generally found the nape or in some other areas.

Wig Cap: It is the base of a human hair wig where the hair is attached.

Wig Head: Wigs are generally designed on the wig head or a canvas block.

Custom-Made: Custom-made human hair wig has been designed for a specific individual. It takes around 12 weeks to process.

Needle-Holder: The well-known needle holder is sturdy and created from brass. Needle holders are also made from wood and plastic.

Bundles of Human Hair: Bundles of hair come up in many sizes, colors and textures. They may be loose or on a weft.

Human Hair: Human hair comes in different varieties including European, Asian, Indonesian and Chinese. Natural, strongest and durable hair!

Human Hair Wig Search Trends 2016:

Well, 2016 has come up with a variety of hairstyles and new wig trends. People around the world make hard efforts to get hairstyles like popular celebs but can’t afford to hire hair stylists. To make them at comfort and ease, latest wigs are available now to offer you the look of your favorite celebrities. Custom-hair wigs are also popular these days as they can help you get the style you want in a couple of minutes. And human hair wig trend has increased from last 2 years. We have noticed over 20% of increase in its use among people all around the world in 2016.

In Canada, ladies wear wigs not only for occasions but also for business meetings or casually. Wigs Canada have become a trend among ladies. They look cool and comfortable by wearing stylish human hair wigs. Online stores have made it quite easy to shop wigs without wasting time and money.

How to Make a Hair Wig?

Making a wig for regular use can be a time-consuming or daunting task, so it usually assigns to the hair professionals. If are interested in learning wig-making procedure, here are a few steps:

•    Measure the Wearer's Head
•    Create or modify wig cap
•    Hair preparation and ventilation
•    Creating the Wig
•    Bleach knot
•    Hair wig installation over the head
•    Hair Styling

Know About the Target Market Of Human Hair Wigs:


Around 15% of students rely on human hair wigs to look stylish. And over 20% people of age 23 to 45 years buy hair wigs to enhance their looks. More than 30% of television and film industry rely on wig use. And 21% of business women choose to wear wigs.

And wondering why to wear human hair wigs? Here are a few reasons:

Wide Variety: When it comes to human hair wigs, you'll find a wide variety of styles, features, sizes and colors.

Styling: You can style your hair wigs to make it more natural and trendy without damaging your natural

Cost-Effectiveness: Wigs are affordable and trust me, it will not make a hole in your pocket. You can maintain the style of your natural hair in an affordable manner.

Human hair wigs are a trend. So, pick the best hair wig online and be the smart wig wearer! You are just a few steps away from getting a celebrity look.

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