Rundown On Hair Wigs: Everything Starting From Its History, Popularity To Future Market Growth

    Hair wigs have been around for a good deal of time. From ancient Egyptians where both men and women used to wear wigs to the English court where there was a certain amount of flair and fashion when it comes to wearing one, the history of hair wigs has been as colorful as it gets. Even French people had predominantly incorporated wigs in their attire, which means wigs have cultural semblance too. So if you thought it to be a recent trend, you need to get your basics right. For, these artificial hair have been serving both beauty and medical needs for centuries now. It just that they got their desired limelight today. Unlike in the past, people don’t shy away from wearing wigs today.


    Moving forward, here comes into the picture the modern day wigs which are full of options galore. From long to short to wavy to curls, there’s nothing one cannot have in this arena.

    So let’s take a detailed approach and systematically study all what is to be known about hair wigs and accessories alike.

    What Is In The Wig Hair?

    There are two options when you go for wig hair: natural hair or synthetic hair fibers. Both of them have their pros as well as cons; however, the major difference between the two is their pricing.

    • Natural hair fibers are obtained from various sources. Many countries are large exporters of this entity when it comes to selling human hair fibers for a good amount of profit and there is a large market for the same.

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    • Right from the United Kingdom, India, Hong Kong, to Singapore, Pakistan, and Indonesia, the nations are earning quite the sum of revenues when it comes to exporting human hair.

    • Virgin hair, a particular variety of wig hair which hasn’t even been treated chemically before, is another type of hair wig variant that has special demand in the market.

    The Various Types Of Wigs That You Can Choose From:

    The options are endless. One can find wigs depending on the shape, size, and color. Also, it is possible to find wigs depending on specific hairstyles.

    Following are the types of wigs available:-


    1) Lace Front And Lace-cap Wigs: By far an exquisite line of hair wigs that give the wearer the comfort of wearing a wig with a lace cap. Also, the best part about using lace front wigs is that its application is undetectable which means a person cannot tell whether you are wearing a wig or not. People looking for a natural wig should definitely look into these types of wigs.

    2) Machine Weft Wigs: Mass production of wigs happens in this form where the wigs are wefted into the caps with the help of machines. As there is a common size and structure to the wigs, it is quite difficult to adjust to these ones or find a wig that is custom-made as per your requirements.

    3) Monofilament Hair Wigs: A sturdier variety of hair wigs that comes with the added benefit of a monofilament which gives the user a very natural and even look as the entire thing is weaved in on a single wig cap. This one is quite economical and can be easily found too. It is one of the most popular wigs Canada collections that come in varied styles and prices that suit every pocket.

    4) Hand-tied Hair Wigs: If you are looking for a rich and exquisite wig experience then this might as well be what you exactly need. Hand-tied wigs are woven by skilled artisans, where every single fibre of hair is selected and then woven into an intrinsic net. As the process is quite laborious, these types of wigs are quite expensive as compared to their industrial counterparts.

    5) Partial Pieces- Custom-made Hair Wigs: When looking for different hair extension types then this category might as well be your best bet. These partial pieces are made keeping in mind what the user would be using it as. It can be filler between hairs or maybe a funkier addition to the original hair. All this is possible with custom-made hair wigs.

    Also, wigs can be selected depending on the type of adhesives being used to put them in the hair. One can either use clip-ons to get the wig attached or even have them fixed semi-permanently into the hair. Permanent fixation of hair wigs to the natural hair is possible too but the process is quite expensive and also the maintenance of the same is difficult.

    All The Right Ways To Take Care Of Hair Wigs:

    1) Make sure that the wig is clean every time before you wear it. You can wash it personally or take it to a nearby salon and get it done professionally.

    2) Overnight the wig should be left on a tripod stand or wig-stand so that the shape of the hair wigs is maintained well.

    3) When using heating equipment like hair curler or straighteners, make sure you apply heat-resistant products so that the delicate hair fiber isn’t destroyed.

    4) When washing the hair or coloring the same, make sure you use special shampoos and conditioners that are meant for using on hair wigs. This is important for keeping them soft and shiny.

    5) Being delicate with your hair wigs is suggested because you wouldn’t want it tearing along the seams. Taking good care of your hair wig means you can use it for a longer duration.

    So it is recommended to go with the right techniques when it comes to wig washing and drying as it helps in keeping your hairpiece healthy.

    The Best Places To Buy Your Hair Wigs From:

    Not every store can fulfill your wig requirements so here are the top choices that can serve you with all that you want:

    1) My First Wig
    2) Go Diva Wigs
    3) Hair and Beauty Canada
    4) Wig Villa
    5) Jon Renau
    6) Vogue Wigs
    7) Fine Lace Wigs

    You can find the best human hair wigs Canada at the best prices at these sites, and will also find something exquisite for yourself too.

    What The Future In Stores? How Well This Wigs And Wig Accessories Market Will Do?


    1) With the growing requirement of hair wigs, it is quite easy to say that there will be great demand for hair wigs in the future. People have started seeing hair wigs as fashion pieces and not something that is used for medicinal purposes only, which means they aren’t going out of fashion anytime soon.

    2) As celebrities have started making fashion statements with hair wigs, it has become quite the recent fad as more and more people are trying to get the same look as that of their favorite celebrities.

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    3) With people realizing wig industry as a profitable segment, more and more people are joining the industry; however, the future trends show that it’ll be quite difficult to enter the market in future given the high number of current stakeholders.

    All in all, this industry is all set to make a positive leap in the near future. Its future is bright!

    And with this, finally, we are done! All that you need to know about hair wigs ends here. Now it is your turn to make a choice.

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    • This was a great read. There is a show on NETFLIX called Schitt’s Creek and the mom has a lot of wigs. I think that is true. Wigs are becoming a fashion accessory more and more than just a thin to no hair cover-up.


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