Can you dye a Synthetic Wig?

    Can you dye a synthetic wig?

    Colouring a Synthetic Wig

    The answer is almost always no. You cannot and should not dye a synthetic wig however, some people have come up with creative ways to dye synthetic wig. Believe it or not, some creators have used ink and alcohol mixtures in a bottle of water to successfully color their synthetic wigs. Whether or not the colour will stick always depends on the type of synthetic fibre the wig is made from. Some can absorb the dye better than others.

    If you are looking for dye to colour your synthetic wigs, try looking at arts and craft stores in your area for stronger dyes.

    Also, if you are considering this. get a light-coloured synthetic wig not a dark one because naturally be easier to go from a platinum blonde or white wig to a darker color but not the other way around. Many wig lovers have died their blonde wigs pink and had great outcomes, others not so much!

    Some have even dyed their hair with permanent markers. Sounds bizarre but true. So if you are determined to try and dye your synthetic wig, although we don't recommend it. The choice is yours. If you do, try ordering a cheap wig from clearance where you don' mind losing a few dollars if it doesnt turn out the way you wanted. If you don't have high expectations, you may surprise yourself.

    The best alternative would always be to just order a real hair human wig so you can dye it the way you want or just order a custom-made human hair wig and save yourself the trouble. Wigs are fun either way. Read below for tips on successfully colour human hair wigs.


    Coloring Your Human Hair Wig

    Although we never recommend it, if your new wigs color isn't what you desired, the good news is that you can dye it because It’s real! Human hair wigs are human hair so they can in fact be dyed but do so at your own risk.

    Tips for Dying Human Hair Wigs

    If for any reason, you need to dye your unit, it is always best to have it done professionally by a hairstylist. Do not leave the hair dye on too long to avoid any over-processing of the hair. There are many great over-the-counter hair dyes that can be used on wigs at home. Make sure to choose semi-permanent hair color and choose a product that is strictly for “processed hair” as those kits usually include a conditioning cream that goes on the wig before dying to take place to keep the hair from damage.

    DISCLAIMER - PLEASE NOTE - The videos shown in this article are for entertainment and informational purposes only and we do not endorse or recommend that you follow the tips provided.

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