Chemotherapy Wigs - What to do Before Therapy Begins

    If the oncologist confirms that the pattern of chemotherapy will lead to alopecia it will be wise to cut the hair very short before starting the therapy. This causes a less rapid hair loss and has a less psychological impact to see the short hair falling as compared to whole strands. You can, thereafter, begin to possibly wear a wig of your choice or alternatively a head wrap, turban or a scarf to slowly prepare psychologically to the new body image. It is also sometimes better to wear wigs, scarves, turbans and hats at home. The choice of the wig should be done before the fall of the hair so that it can be customized or you may purchase a wig that it is as similar as possible to the color and structure of your natural hair.

    If the drugs do not cause for the complete fall of the hair, it would still be useful to care for them. Here are some useful tips:

    1) Use a mild shampoo

    2) Do not put stress on hair treatments such as permanent dyes that use harsh chemicals or during chemotherapy or for at least 3 months

    3) Avoid brushing or combing your hair vigorously, use a brush or comb that has soft bristles

    4) Avoid using hair dryers, curling iron and hair curlers. It is better to dry 

    your hair with a towel

    5) Wear the hair short

    What to do if you plan to buy a wig?

    If you plan to buy a wig there are some criteria that you should consider:


    Psychological aspect

    Transpiration Product

    Professionalism of the supplier

    Generally, it is advisable not to change appearance, as those who know you and do not know of the difficult phase that that you are passing through, shall certainly begin to place indiscreet questions that might be hard for you to answer.

    The psychological aspects we believe are essential, simply think and always remember that it is a transitory moment and should be taken as a phase that will eventually pass. Professionals will give you the best advice and they will take care of your image.

    Today there are different types ranging from classic synthetic fibers to special ones that are made of Natural Human Hair. Over the years our experience of almost 50 years in the making and application of Wigs has led us to process wigs that are more and more similar as possible to per your specifications.

    Natural Human Hair Wigs have similar structure as the real hair and are treatable with heat, light colors and can be styled in any way you desire and the quality is unmatched because they are handmade.

    Wigs made of special fiber hair provide an image that is similar to the real hair and is of excellent quality. They are also easier to wear and manage. However, it does have some minor limitations with respect to the Real Human Hair Wigs, but all in all the beauty of these wigs will allow you not only overcome the momentary discomfort but to pass unnoticed and discreetly past the staring eyes of others.

    The materials of these wigs (natural fiber and special fiber) ensure breathability and offer a very authentic appearance once worn. The professionals will explain how to treat the individual wigs for careful and smooth maintenance.

    We also suggest that you apply makeup on your face, some minor eye-shadow, blusher and lipsticks to better your skin’s tone.

    You can also spruce up your look necklaces and some jewelry to draw attention to the neck and away from your face and hair. Clothes will also help to distract the attention from your hair and face, choose shirts and sweaters with vivid colours and shimmer. One suggestion would be to go out without hesitation and walk with confidence in yourself; because this will boost your self-image and this will reflect in your body language and appearance.

    The trick

    This trick becomes the only solution that can correct imperfections that might be serious or permanent, the camouflage can be helpful in terms of aesthetic appeal and psychological impact, as a valid support to overcome the discomfort and increase the self-esteem of the patient.

    In the case of patients with alopecia derived from Chemotherapy Treatments; hair loss coupled with the falling of eyelashes and eyebrows, is often seen as a serious problem. For this we propose the use of a make-up as a corrective measure, it is easy to apply and does give a natural effect. It can also greatly improve the approach to the patient with his own image, with less psychological shock.

    The products that can help hide the effect of the therapy, are designed to cover imperfections of various kinds and are formulated with things such as hypoallergenic, are durable, waterproof and contain sunscreen.

    Through the use of a water resistant eye liner, you can define the upper and lower eyelid to give more intensity to the eye without lashes, and rebuild, with a special brush above the brow-bone.

    For those who do not want to wear makeup every day and want an easy, particularly durable solution, it is possible to work on the eyes and eyebrows with permanent make up such as a corrective tattoo. This can also be maintained even after the natural re-growth of the hair that fell. Even in this case, the colours used are non-toxic, are hypoallergenic, and give a very natural effect; it is also specially designed for the facial features. The duration of treatment varies from individual to individual, and you can always touch up periodically.

    I personally consider this method as particularly effective, because of its characteristics of precision. The patient is forced to repeat daily corrective makeup, but in this method you will have a perfect make-up at all times of the day.

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