Choose the best Bridal Hairstyle with Hairpieces and Wedding Accessories for your Special Day

    The best Bridal Hairstyle Hairpieces and Wedding Accessories

    Looking your best is the top of any new brides must have list for her wedding day and perfect hair and makeup are on the top of that list. Sometimes deciding how to wear your hair seems an overwhelming task but that is why hair accessories are so necessary.

    A hair accessory can make your hair go from a 5 to a 10 in seconds. The first step before purchasing any bridal headpieces is to decide about the wedding dress pattern and know how your wedding hair will look like. It never hurts to wait with the accessories until you go to the hair trial appointment because a skilled hairstylist always comes with valuable suggestions.


    Tiara is one of the most versatile bridal hair accessories that create a gorgeous traditional look. No matter if you have an up-do, all-down, or to the side hairstyle, the tiara is a timeless option. It goes great with a veil and grabs the audience attention instantly.

    Side Headbands

    Side headbands adorned with sparkling gemstones or pearls represent a stylish alternative to tiaras. If you have one shoulder dress it is recommended to wear the headband on the opposite side of the head to create a harmonious appearance. It is a great choice for both long and short hair.

    Hairpieces and Wigs

    A hair bun is a great added twist to spruce up your hairstyle and accessories can be added as such. Hairpieces such as pony tails or wraps and 3/4  wigs can add length and color to your hair and make wedding photos look amazing. If you want to go all out and really surprise your groom, try wearing a full human hair wig or synthetic wig in a whole new color for that extra wow factor on your wedding day.

    Forehead bands

    A loose hairstyle with beautiful waves fits perfectly with a pearly forehead band. If you prefer a bohemian look for an outdoor ceremony, add several fresh seasonal flowers.

    Hair vine

    The hair vine is rated among the most delicate bridal hair accessories. It is made of a flexible wire shaped into small loops with ivory pearls or crystal flowers on edges. The hairpiece is pinned with small hair combs or bobby pins and goes with various hairstyles, including the braided wedding hair.

    Hair combs

    Hair combs can be placed at the back to compliment a loose chignon, on the side with several curls to frame your face, or at the front to add a sparkling touch. They can be decorative blinking elements or functional parts that secure the shape of the wedding hairstyle. The bridal hair comb paired with a birdcage veil highlights a vintage theme.

    Hair pins

    Hair pins with pearls or diamantes work perfectly for the up-do hairstyles. If you wear a heavily detailed wedding dress, the hair pins are the necessary details to complement it.

    The veil

    It is said that during the ancient times the bridal veil was meant to protect the young bride from the devious attacks of evil spirits. These days the veil is placed on the list with those bridal hair accessories that will always be romantic and elegant. The veil is suitable for modern brides with chic short haircuts as well as for various long hairstyles

    You can spruce up your long hair that flows down your shoulders with a garland made of fresh wild flowers, or acquire a lovely and enchanting look by scattering small colored flowers in your braid.

    The bridal hair accessories are meant to emphasize the beauty of your hair and add a romantic touch to the overall outfit on your wedding day. Enjoy your special day!


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