5 Clip-in Hair Extensions to Give You Fabulous Flaunting Hair

    5 Clip-in Hair Extensions to Give You Fabulous Hair

    Do you crave for heavy volume and length in your hair? No worries! Clip-in hair extension can be an instant solution!

    You can ace up your sleeves by using hair toppers or more precisely clip in hair extensions. It is the quickest measure one can opt to add a good amount of volume in the hair and carry varied looks! And the best part is, you wouldn’t require a stylist to reap up its advantages. It's so simple to install and carry.

    Hair extensions are storming the world, which definitely makes it quite hard for the users to pick the best ones. To save your time and efforts, here we have picked the top 5 options after extensive research. You will surely love these options for an amazingly natural appearance!

    So, get the final best look by resorting to these best-styled hair extensions!

    Best 5 Clip-in Hair Extensions

    1. Extra Long Curly Synthetic Hair Clip In Claw Ponytail Extension

    Hair extensions can oomph up your hairstyle by a thousand-fold. If you are bored of sporting the same hairstyle, it is the time to take extra long curly synthetic hair clip in claw ponytail extensions. These hair extensions add volume, length, and bounce to your hair without having any split ends and tangle.

    These clip-in hair extensions are very easy to install and remove. These can be hand-washed and dyed dark as per your suitability. Comb these hair extensions gently and put up a pony while sleeping will increase its shelf life.

    2. 22 inch Wrap Around Ponytail Extension

    Do you want a secure solution to sport your ponytail? Then try the 22-inch wrap around ponytail extensions. These wavy texture extensions are made of high-quality human hair and can be combed, washed, straightened, and dyed. This well-crafted hair extension adds thickness to your ponytail from top to end and blends seamlessly with natural hair.

    These ponytail extensions are easy to install and place all day long without requiring frequent adjustment. These wavy extensions come in various colors and lengths without having split ends.

    3. 24 Inch Long Straight Ponytail Extension

    The 24-inch long straight claw clip-in ponytail extensions are profession-grade and reusable. These high-quality hair extensions are made of high-temperature fiber. These extensions can be reused, curled, tonged, and washed.
    The clip holds the hair in place and can last up to at least ten weeks. These extensions are available in various lengths and colors. They add volume and natural bounce to your hair. The extensions are easy to install, tangle-free, and do not shed. They are soft to touch and blend into your natural hair.

    4. Wrap around Heat Friendly Ponytail Extension

    Do you want a beautiful, long, and thick ponytail that looks as natural as your hair? Then the wrap-around heat-friendly ponytail extensions are perfect for you. The pony is approximately 24 inches long. It is made with the revolutionary heat friendly high-temperature synthetic fiber that feels like real hair.

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    It can be styled with heat tools up to 270 degrees. The ponytail extensions have been designed with a strip of hair wrap around and secured with Velcro to sport your hair completely.

    5. Short Wavy Synthetic Ponytail Claw Clip in Hair Extension

    If you love wavy hair but not so long, we have the perfect hair extensions for you. The short wavy claw clip in ponytail hair extension is thick and made of human hair that looks natural. These wavy extensions can be styled, dyed, bleached, highlighted, and curled all as you want.

    These are premium quality extensions that are tangle-free, soft, shiny, and add natural volume and bounce to your hair. You can use these lightweight hair extensions for more than three months.

    How Long Do Clip-in Extensions Last?

    While investing in anything an obvious question that arises is how long will it actually last? Well, either you use synthetic extensions or human hair clip-in extensions, the important point is your care that decides the durability factor.

    If you use human hair extensions and do good care then it will work for at least 12 months. However, without having proper care and excessive usage will make it last in just 3 to 6 months. Talking about synthetic wigs, with deep care, they last in 3 to 6 months maximum. The time will be less in case you don’t bestow care on them!

    So, just as your natural hair, you need to give extensive care to clip in hair extensions to grab maximum & favorable outcomes!

    There is, of course, no shortage of options, however, we have compiled this top 5 list after spoke to top stylists. For the best hair extensions, Canada just reaches and contacts the renowned store for Wigs Canada. Wig Store Hair and Beauty Canada keep the promise of serving you with the best!

    Get the fabulous look by opting for an excellent option!

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