Cosplay Wigs for Cosplayers & Theatre Actors in Canada

    If you are getting ready for any party, then your normal hair does not give the right look. In that situation, you can use the costume wigs. Costume wig is the hair accessory that is made up of artificial materials. You can use them to give your hair a different look. Cosplay wigs are the most accessible tool or method that generates an authentic hairstyle look. You can easily get the type of hairstyle that you dream of cosplay wigs. You can easily wear costume wigs. They provide you with the limitless option of styling.

    Different types of wigs are present in the market. You can choose any of them as per the trend or occasion. Costume wigs give you the freedom to have the desired look without any hassle. Simply you have to wear cosplay wigs, and you are ready to get-go. 

    How to Dress a Cosplay Wigs? 

    Cosplay wigs give you a different look. You can wear them on any occasion and wearing any cosplay wig gives you fun. You can look like your favorite character with cosplay wigs. But most of us do not know the correct form of wearing these cosplay wigs. Here we are providing you a little guide to have the most effective result with cosplay wigs.

    • Select a Wig Cap

    Make sure that the wig which you are going to wear perfectly matches your head size. There is two different types of wig caps that are most popular. The first one is made up of fishnet like material and the second one is like pantyhose. In the fishnet like a cap, the hair comes out from the holes as it is very tight. On the other hand, pantyhose is mostly preferred because it covers all hair completely. 

    • Put on a Wig Cap

    Before putting the cap, properly arrange your hair. If you have long hair, then twist it and make a ponytail so that it remains at the back and does not disturb you. The wig cap does not have any specific front or back. You can wear it on any side. Start putting the wig cap from the back and cover as much as hair possible. After wearing a wig cap, make sure that you secure it with snap clips. You can use the numbers of clips to secure the wig cap.

    • Putting on Wig

    Hold the cosplay wigs with both the hands. The finger should be inside the wigs at the time of wearing the cosplay wigs. Slowly place it over the wig cap. Now place the scalp line of the wig just above your eyebrows. Pull down the cosplay wig so that it covers the back wig cap. The cosplay wigs will cover any excess hair that is left from the cap. 

    • Ensuring Wigs at the Correct Position

    Take some bobby pins and secure the cosplay wigs at the desired place. After securing wigs, test it by jumping up and down or by shaking your head fastly. Add some more pins if your cosplay wigs displace from the fixed point. Make the desired styling on the hair and have a fabulous look. As cosplay wigs are made up of synthetic material, so it does not allow you to use other types of styling appliances on it, so style accordingly. 

    Some of the Popular Cosplay Wigs 

    • Marie Antoinette Cosplay Wig
    • Game Fate Apocryph Astolfo Cosplay Wig
    • Game of Thrones Braided Cosplay Wig  
    • Pink Mixed Purple Spiral Princess Japanese Style Cosplay WIth Bangs
    • Long Purple Blue Ombre Lolita Cosplay Wig

    How to Choose Your Cosplay Wigs?

    Before choosing and costume wigs, you should consider some points to have the best outcome. 

    • Choose as per the shine of the wig.

    Not all shades of cosmic wigs need to suit everyone. You have a different color option like natural light, studio light, fluorescent, and direct light to choose from. Please choose the color of your cosplay wigs according to your face color so that it goes fab with your look.  

    • Consider the Length and Style

    Cosplay wigs are available in different sizes and patterns. It depends on you that which type of length you are looking for. Some cosplay wigs are available with mega spikes and peaked bangs, and some are just simple. You can create a different style with these wigs. Try to select the wig a little longer and slightly bigger than your head size.

    • Consider Heat Resistance

    If you want to make your costume wig just like your favorite character, then make sure that it should have the quality of heat resistance because you may use a blow dryer, curler, and other heating appliance to bring the desired shape and pattern. 

    • The Quality of the Material Used

    Your cosplay wigs should not look like the fake hair. It should appear real after wearing it. It must offer a natural look. The cosplay wigs are either made up of real human hair or synthetic fiber. Some costume wigs are a combination of both of these materials. The most popular and used wigs are made up of Kanekalon material that is invented by the Japanese company.

    •  Caring Tips of Cosplay Wigs

    Just like natural hair, the costume wigs also require some care to have the best outcome.

    • Wash the Wigs

    It’s suitable for the life of the wig that you wash them after a certain period. Washing removes the previous styling and other hair sprays that are applied to the cosplay wigs. You can wash the costume wigs with mild shampoo by soaking it for 10 to 15 minutes.

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    • Comb the Wigs

    Combing generates the same look at all points of the wigs. Brush the wigs from the bottom-up and with gentle mode. Brushing removes the knot and tangles. Never comb the wet wigs. Wait till the wigs do not get completely dry.

    • Place them at Right Place.

    After using the wigs, keep them in a zip lock bag to protect it from the outside dust. It will be best if you make the braid of long cosplay wigs before storage. Placing wigs correctly maintains there texture and pattern. 

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