Facts About Human Hair Wigs and Types

    Whether you are an amateur or a pro, it is more than likely that there still are different types of human hair wigs that you are still left to discover and explore. Yes, the varieties in real hair wigs are huge and one has many options to choose from. So why not have a look at different type of wigs today and order something new?


    You know there is so much to explore when it comes to human wigs; be it in the form of wig caps, the weft design or how the human hairs are woven into the wig base. Well, these are the essential factors that decide how durable the wig would be and how well you’d be able to style them as per your requirement. These were certain essential facts about human hair wigs that one should definitely know before making a purchase. For, your little ignorance during purchase can cost you heftily.

    Further, to make things easier for you in this arena, here’s an account of different types of human hair wigs that you can choose from:

    1) The wigs are separated depending upon the type of hair you are looking for. You might want a look that has a shade/color similar to that of your natural hair or you might be in search of virgin hair wigs, all these varieties are available in the market.

    2) Depending on the type of hair quantity you are looking for and also the specified hair length be it short, medium or long hair, you can find them too. It is also possible to get curly hair wigs, straight hair wigs etc. The popular ones would be the lace front wigs in Canada.

    3) Also, human hair wigs Canada can be segregated on the basis of the type of application. You can either use adhesives to stick the wigs or use clip-ons to hold them in place. Similarly, it is also possible to get the hair wigs permanently attached to your head through certain weaving methods.

    4) If you are looking for a natural look which is more suited to your face then you can opt for simple wigs and then get them styled by the professionals, or on the other hand, you can also personally do the styling work. This is the best part about opting for hair wigs, you don’t have to worry about any sort of damage being caused to your natural hair.

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    5) Depending on your convenience you can also find wigs that work well when used in the long haul and extended periods of time too. It is all about finding something that meets your basic requirements and then getting it customized to perfection. And, human hair wigs definitely gives you this option.

    Now the choice is yours. If you want comfort, go for the simple ones and if you love to experiment, there is a wide range out there that’s waiting to get picked. Varieties in human hair wigs are countless; you just have to make the right pick.

    However, once your wig selection is done and you are good to go, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind when using hair wigs.

    • Not wearing the wigs over damp hair or wearing a damp wig for that matter; not only does it cause the problem to your natural hair but the wig too.

    • Making use of heat-resistant products while styling the wigs so as to protect the hair fibers.

    Hence, it is important that one looks well after their wig for extended usage life. You must treat them as your natural hair if you want the same look and feel like your own tresses.

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