Find The Best Selling Stocks of Wigs Vancouver At Hair and Beauty Canada

December 19, 2019

Find The Best Selling Stocks of Wigs Vancouver At Hair and Beauty Canada

From taking normal care of your hair to choosing the right wig for it, every beauty you try to accomplish with your hair is always a challenge. Yes, from getting that perfect fit to that perfect cut, a lot goes into hair styling. So this is where you need expert help and right at this point, you need to come here at Hair and Beauty Canada, a store that has all the solutions for your hair problems. We will help you to choose the wig that best goes with your look from our exquisite collection of wigs Vancouver.

Here’s all that what’s in stored for you at our store.  Take a look at our top wig collections:

1. Anne Heat Defiant Lace Front Wig:

This is a heat resistant synthetic wig available in almost forty colors. Its cap is designed as lace front, monofilament, hand-tied cap and weighs 2 oz with a size of 4" in the bang, 4.5" in the crown, 1.75" in the nape and 3" in the side. This average size wig is among the popular picks in our wigs Vancouver collection.

2. Evan Lace Front Wig:

This SmartLace wig with a lace front open cap construction is a favorite choice in wigs Vancouver because of the sassy, chic look it gives. And, it is very much easy to carry because of its lightweight with a size of just 5" in bang, 5.25" in the crown, 2" in the sides and 1.75" in the nape.

3. Ignite Wig by Jon Renau:

This is a simply beautiful wig in more than twenty colors. It is heat-resistant. It weighs 2.7 oz with a size distribution of 8" in the bang, 5.75" in the crown, 5.25" in the sides and 1.5" in the nape. If you have an oval face, this trendy wig from Jon Renau collection is the best match for you.

4. Zara Wig:

Zara is the longest length in collections of wigs Vancouver. Its attractive look makes women just go for it. For problems like hair loss in women, Zara is usually the first pick as it beautifully graces one’s crown. It is available in almost forty shades and weighs 4.9 oz. Its size distribution is 11.5" in the base, 17" in the crown, sides 16.5", and nape 15.5". The average cap construction with a monofilament cap makes it very comfortable and looks so natural.

5. Alicia II Synthetic Wig:

As the name suggests, this wig is among the best synthetic wigs in wigs Vancouver collection. This is again a long wig which is 32 inches in length and comes in straight layers. It is available in about forty shades, making it easier for the trend freaks to adorn different looks at different occasions. From a healthy frame to a fit frame, this is a wig that suits everyone.

So these are the most sought and popular wigs for sale currently here at Hair and Beauty Canada. The costs of these products range between $289 to $599 with a range of other wig options readily available, thus, making it the best wig store Toronto to shop from.

Apart from the top quality products and best service, we serve you with many other programs at Hair and Beauty Canada. Our collection of wigs Vancouver is among the most wanted wigs in Canada. All our products come with lasting quality, holding the same grace, which has made us a popular go-to option for all kinds of wig shopping. From hair extension to wig application, we do every beauty work. Our USP is the variety in products and product-features we provide.

At Hair and Beauty Canada, We believe in serving our customers to their utmost satisfaction. Because what we are today, is for them. Finally last but not least, we welcome you at our store with this "Sign-up and Earn" offer. Just join our email list to get daily updates and get $10 cashback to start your shopping right away. It’s time to grab the best wig deal from the best wig suppliers! It’s tress to impress this time! Hurry! Your favorite wig is waiting to be picked up by you.  

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