Flaunting Ponytails Are Now Easiest with These Tips

Stalking multiple influencer pages or viewing tonnes of videos might not reveal the ultimate secret to which ponytail extension is going to be the best for you this season. In this article, we have tried to club all the best extensions that will suit your hairstyle and type and your face cut. Keep reading to know more about the best forever young ponytail extensions.

Flaunting Ponytails Are Now Easiest with These Tips

The Extravagant

This is an exclusive 30-inch ponytail extension allowing you to wear long and luscious hair on the go. This also has highlights which can be clipped on your hair without prepping much. The slight swirls on the end of it give an extravagance to your style.

The Sleek

It is your opportunity now to rock the runway model look with the sleek ponytail that is available in various shades of your hair. You will be able to now rock that fierce look with long ponytail hair extensions to not damage your hairstyles resulting from high heat applications. By using this piece you can forever lock the sleekness in your style. These pieces do not require much consistent maintenance over-time.

The Volume Enabler

You cannot rock a pony without having volume to show off. The thickness and density are now what you can achieve through volume enabler ponytail extensions. These classic extensions will help your hair bounce while you flaunt the piece.

Ombre Shades

The forever young ponytail is now available in ombre shades that provide an easy transition from your base hair color to a deeper or a lighter shade.

Classic Swirls

The 30-inch ponytail extension is now available in dual shades with swirls at the ends to add a modern touch to your style. The soft curls provide you with the desired depth and volume you always wanted. These extensions can go up to extreme hairstyles too.

But in this course, you might wonder about how long would these long ponytail hair extensions last. Here is letting you know all the details about their longevity.

•The extremely cheap ones that are randomly bought can last for about a year with moderate handling practices.
•The expensive and the real human hair extensions last over a year if taken proper and extensive care just like you would take care of your real hair.
•Medium to heavy usage might also yield them to last between 3-6 months.
•Heat styling over a consistent period can bring down their life to not more than 3 months.

For women who have shorter hair and wonder how to style using ponytails, we have you covered to ladies! Here are a few simplified steps:

•Using a thick set of ponytail can help you show layers and depth in volume without revealing the original length of your hair.
•Pinning the bottom section of your hair securely can help prevent them from flocking out of your ponytail extension.
•Mixing highlights and matching them can help you add volumes and dimensions to hide the length of the original hair.
•Teasing roots for added grips help hold your short hair in place.

Here are listed a few of our bestselling ponytail extensions for you to shop best:

Provocative Easihair- They come with synthetic reversible claw clips as long hair extensions.

Provocative Reversible Claw Clip Drawstring Hairpiece
22-inch wrap around ponytail extension- They come with clip-in attachments and come in frosted color shades. They are high-temperature fiber extensions and wavy.

22-inch wrap around ponytail extension
Breathless clip-on ponytail- They also come with clip-on features and a plethora of color options.

Breathless clip-on ponytail
Foxy ponytail hairpieces- They are long luscious hair pieces with synthetic clips to be attached beneath the hair.

Foxy ponytail hairpieces
These tips and advice are sure to help anyone struggling to make ponytails and is sure to uplift your fashion statement. So when are you experimenting with your kind of ponytail extension?

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