Get Secret of Wearing Half Wigs Realistically!

    Who doesn’t want to hike up personality meter? Everyone desires but somehow the baldness or receding hairline or bald patches on the head halt the spark altogether. Wigs are a great option to deal with it. Among them, half wigs are quite prevalent to add adequate volume to the hair. But what are half wigs? How to wear and install it?

    If similar questions are troubling you then you are definitely at the right place. Just go through the article to know everything about it!

    Half Wigs

    What are Half Wigs? How to wear half wigs 

    So, half wigs as the name suggests, are the wigs for partial coverage of the head. It’s a blanket term for varied partial wigs such as toppers, hats with hair, wiglets, extensions, and many others.

    These are worn to add length and volume to the hair and attain a celebrity-like style. The point to underscore is, half wigs add potential to natural locks and make it look fab within no time.

    Even the biological hairs are visible as these hairpieces provide coverage to the crown of the hair, so the front biological hair stays visible which is not possible in full wigs. These are sewn into the net to make it blend with the natural hair of the person.

    Half wigs are prepared with more precision as it makes the biological hair visible after wear and adds appropriate volume to the hair from the backside.

    What is the Correct Way to Install or Wear a Half Wig?

    Firstly make one thing clear that you have chosen a half wig which blends perfectly to your natural hair. Otherwise, the second person will easily judge that you have worn a wig. Now go through the exact way to wear and style your hair with a half wig!

    • Start on brushing the wig hair by holding it in your one hand. Use a paddle brush for ticker wig and a smaller brush for a thinner one. Just brush out any tangle or knot over there.
    • Now pull your natural hair to backside to make a ponytail. Create parting of your hair at a distance of about one or two inches from the hairline. If you have short hair, then make a centered ponytail along the backside of the head.
    • Now style up your front hair section by using a comb. Bring forward the natural hair that you want to style. Push it in front of your ears and make sure you continue combing until a clear part doesn’t get created in between the edge of the wig cap and your natural hairs.
    • After that, its time to place the wig by using wig clips. Just place it over the head (specifically to back of the head) and use large clips to attach it to the edge of the wig cap.
    • By placing it where you have made parting earlier, now you need to do downward sliding of the comb against the scalp. Make sure you get a secured fit, even if it takes a couple of more times to attain that success.

    So, you have worn it successfully. Now time is to make some styles to disguise another person that has worn a wig. You can use a headband or any accessory to flaunt your style and even do any experiment to get a gorgeous look right away.

    How to Style a Half Wig?

    You can pick any creative style by using types of hairpieces or any other half wig. Here are some suggestions:

    Take a rat-tail comb and use its narrow end section to slide the front portions of biological hair. Don’t pull out the hair completely, instead use it benignly to slightly pull it up.

    Make a bun of the top section of the half wig. Use both of your hands and twist the top layer of half wig. Even you can use a sock or a headband to tie it more perfectly.

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    Make two buns on the head top for a more cute look. Take a small portion of half wig and natural hair on the right side and the same portion on the left side and create pigtails on both sides. Now twist in a circular motion to make the buns and use bobby pins to secure it tightly.

    I hope this was helpful to You!

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