Hair extensions: A Comprehensive Guide and Some Little Known Secrets you Must Know

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    Long, thick, and gorgeous – when it comes to hair, we all want to have the type that can be described with these three words at the same time. However, not many of us are fortunate enough to be blessed with such kind of natural hair. If you are also among us and can’t anymore bear with your thin, short, and lifeless strands – hair extensions can change your experience in less than a minute literally. Clip-in hair extensions are the most effective way to instantly wear a stylish look with long and lively hair that you always dreamed about.

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    However, unless you have lots of time and money to spare trying all the different hair extensions on the market to find out what suits you best, a little knowledge about them won’t harm. Here in this brief piece, we made sure to mention almost everything you need to know about hair extensions to make an informed choice. So read on until the end, and we promise you will know a thing or two about these essential parts of any woman's wardrobe you will wish you knew earlier.

    Understanding Different Types of Hair Extensions

    If you are new to this, it’s hard to figure out which one you need to consider as you will find numerous types of hair extensions. And those who are trying it for the first time often confused seeing more than one variation within the same type. To make your job a little easier, below are 5 most preferred hair extensions you can choose from.

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    •Tape-in: Tape-in hair extensions are neither permanent and nor a temporary solution. Once put, it will last around 8 weeks on average and one can retape them 3 times maximum. Also, tape-in hair extensions come with more sections compared to clip-in types and require expert hair stylists as well as a good 45 minutes to wear one.

    •Weaves: You will need a weave specialist in order to apply weaves, there’s no way you can do it on your own. These technicians will first braid your natural hair, and then sew extension wefts into each of the braids. A maintenance check in every two weeks is required for weaves, experts suggest.

    •Copper ring: It's a special extension technique that includes copper rings to attach natural hair strands with the extension. These are rather permanent kinds and usually last a couple of months before you need maintenance.

    •Fusion: Another popular extension technique is keratin or fusion extension, which is one of the trendiest extension methods nowadays. Here a technician uses a heat gun and keratin to fuse the extension parts with your natural hair, and it takes no less than two hours or even more depending on individual needs. These are also permanent types of extensions and will typically last for 4 months before a refitting session is required.

    •Clip-in: Clip-in hair extensions are cost-effective and almost an instant way to achieve a dramatic change in thickness, length, and volume. It doesn’t require professional help and can easily apply and reapply by yourself.

    A top-quality clip-in extension won’t give you a feel like you are wearing anything extra and will last for more than a year, provided you take good care of the same. Unlike other permanent and semi-permanent types of extensions, there is no long time commitment and one can style it effortlessly without needing expert hands.

    You can select from a wide range of ready-to-wear extensions to style your hair for an event like a wedding and remove once you don’t need them.

    What type of hair extensions would suit you best?

    There is no such thing as the best hair extension canada since it depends on different use cases and preferences. However, hair extensions that blend in seamlessly with your natural hair and enhances your personality and style, are the ones you need to choose. Today’s women lead active lifestyles and often lack hours to spend on hairstyling.

    If your normal day includes activities such as working out, dancing, playing sport, swimming, going to the workplace, and if you like to shower daily, considering a rather temporary solution like a clip-in hair extension would be a wise choice.

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    These clip-in hair extensions can be removed during intense activity, and then re-wear without much hassle when you want. Therefore these extensions have a longer lifespan and it also helps your natural hair to move and breathe more freely when you are engaged in some activities.

    How long it can take for one to fit a clip-in hair extension?

    To clip in a hair extension, you literally don’t need more than 10 minutes only after a little practice. It’s a hasslefree and quick process, and you can turn your short and thin hair to a long and thick look in just minutes, that too without any professional hairstylist or salon. However, as mentioned above, some tryings are needed if you are a first-timer, but rest assured, you will not even look at the mirror very soon.

    Will people be able to identify a hair extension easily?

    There is no way anyone can tell that you are wearing a hair extension, provided it is clipped in by expert hands. It is practically undetectable once worn unless someone firsthand knows how your natural hair looks. If you are still unsure, check our site for more tips and tricks to learn how you can hide your extension effectively and make your thin hair voluminous and lively.

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