The Hair Extensions Guide Every Canadian Women Needs

    If you are a regular user of hair wigs then you might have come across different types of hair extensions and various ways in which one can make optimum use of the same. However, here it is essential to understand that hair extensions and hair wigs serve an almost similar purpose but they are both different. While a hair wig is an entirety in itself, an extension is just an add-on to your hair. So keeping this distinction in mind, we present the hair extensions guide that you’ve been waiting for.


    Here are some tips to wearing hair extensions like a pro:

    1) If you are into using hair wefts then you can take those to a nearby tailor and get them attached with easy-to-use hair clips. In this way, you wouldn’t have to make use of adhesives. Also, while purchasing wefts make sure that you buy them in the required length because they can get quite expensive if they are made of natural fibers. So make sure you consider all the little details well; for a slight negligence can cost you heavily.

    2) If you are looking for easy to use hair extensions then you should definitely go for the clip-in variety. While wearing these you will have to back comb your hair at the roots so that the clips don’t slip out. Just ensure that the clips are intact and firmly fixed.

    3) If you are using synthetic hair extensions and are looking for ways to style them, just work on them while they are damp. In this state, you can easily curl them. It might become quite the hassle at times for which you can do the wet work the night before using the extension. This way, it will be less time and energy consuming.

    4) When looking at hair extensions for sale make sure that you look for some hair fixers too. It is essential that the extension you use stays well-put on your natural hair or blends in perfectly. For this, you can use sprays, gels, and mousse depending on the type of extension you have chosen to wear.

    5) If you are just looking for a frontal look change then the best way to do so is to go for hair extensions that offer large bangs. This will allow you to style your look as per your face structure. Easier said than done, these extensions can be held into place with your regular wig adhesives or hair clips, you’ll have to be sneaky with the latter one.

    6) When opting for a full voluminous braid then you would definitely like to go for the messy ones as they definitely do a good job in blending in your hair extensions with a great amount of ease. You can either go for clip-on or weave the extensions with your natural hair. Both ways guarantee a clean natural look.

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    7) Also, there are professional ways of getting hair extensions woven intricately with your hair permanently. It is an expensive procedure mostly used when facing hair thinning problems. If you are using it just for fashion sake, then it is advisable to go with temporary methods only as there is enough room for experimentation in that.

    This season, just make sure that you make the best out of the sales going on and pick up the best of hair extension in Canada. Along with extensions, buy certain maintenance products too as they help to increase their usage life.

    It’s time to breathe in an air of fresh style to your hairstyle and make it the centerpiece of your personality-An extension to your personality!

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