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Hair Maintenance Under Wigs Is Important: Here’s How

Having the style and trends of your dreams is interesting but it also poses the threat for your hair to get damaged. Hence, people mostly tend to shift towards the idea of using hair wigs to maintain their style statements. What they commonly ignore is despite using the hairpieces; your natural hair needs even more care to be at its best. So here we are listing you a few ways to maintain your hair even when you are using custom hairpieces.

Hair Maintenance Under Wigs Is Important

Wearing a Cap Under Wig

It is a notion that ladies’ wigs and hairpieces can be worn at a go without any worries. But that is a myth. You must rethink twice before doing that. Before you think about putting on all of those trends, make sure you are grabbing a hair cap under that. Rocking an artificial hairpiece is fine until a hair cap is supporting it from beneath. Putting on the wig directly can cause too much friction and tension on your natural hair, resulting in it to getting frizzy and snappy. A satin-lined wig cap is the best protective option over a custom hairpiece.

Hair Wash & Moisturization

Might seem to be a fallacy but that is a driving force behind good hair health. There are a lot of factors like sweat, hair product deposition, or friction on the hair roots that can cause harm to your hair while it is unable to breathe while the wig is on. Hence, it is recommended to wash your natural hair with a cleansing shampoo followed by a water-based deep conditioner on a regular schedule. The hair growth will be back to normal and you can rock the wig look as and when you want.

Have A Wig with Closure

Wearing a closure or a frontal on your wig can help you hold the texture and the weaves intact. Using these closures can again help you prevent from applying extra heat to your natural hair and prevent them from getting unnecessarily damaged. These pieces promise to provide you with the protection you seek alongside providing the style that you deserve.

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Adjust the Strap to Not Be Too Tight

Custom hairpieces do not demand to look unrealistic and lay flat. Your hair again demands to breathe under the wigs that you put. Hence, it is advised to tie the straps in a way that do not make the pieces get too much tightly laid on the hair. If in case the strap is too big, you might consider cutting them shorter and using bobby pins to secure them on your head.

The Right Edge Control

Remaining loyal to your edge control is a necessity and if you are loyal, you must go forward choosing the right one. Using a thicker edge control has its drawbacks like that of easy clumping or breakages or even disintegration. Choosing a product with the right ingredients like essential oils can serve the purpose. After washing the hair, applying the right amount of edge control and massaging the hair can help it retain its health.

Strategies with Combs

It is necessary to know about using the combs for your hair and wig. Both of them require separate ways to brush them and separate pressure needs to be applied. Rubbing your scalp regularly helps blood to stimulate more and prevents breakage while brushing.

No Sleeping in Wig

It is a mandate to avoid sleeping with the wigs on. On doing this, both the hair and the wig will undergo friction that tends to break the strands.

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Using ladies’ wigs and hairpieces is something that requires care both inside out and following these ideas you can maintain both of them well.

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