Hair Maintenance Under Wigs Is Important: Here’s why


    Hair Maintenance Under Wigs Is Important

    While embracing your desired style and trends can be exhilarating, it's essential to recognize the potential risks of hair damage that often accompany these fashion choices. Many individuals opt for hair wigs to maintain their desired aesthetic, often overlooking the crucial need for proper care of their natural hair. Here, we highlight a few essential tips to ensure your hair remains healthy and vibrant, even while using custom hairpieces.

    Wearing a Cap Under Wig:

    Contrary to popular belief, simply donning a wig or hairpiece without any additional measures can be detrimental to your hair health. It's imperative to consider wearing a hair cap beneath your wig to provide crucial support. Directly placing a wig on your hair can lead to excessive friction and tension, resulting in frizz and breakage. Opting for a satin-lined wig cap offers optimal protection and comfort while wearing custom hairpieces.

    Hair Wash & Moisturization:

    Regular hair washing and moisturization are vital for maintaining healthy hair, even while wearing a wig. Factors like sweat, product buildup, and friction can compromise your hair's health. Therefore, it's recommended to cleanse your natural hair with a nourishing shampoo and follow up with a water-based deep conditioner on a consistent basis. This routine helps restore hair vitality and ensures your hair remains resilient under your wig.

    Incorporate A Wig with Closure:

    Choosing a wig with closure or frontal can help preserve the texture and integrity of your hair. These closures serve as a protective barrier, reducing the need for excessive heat styling that could damage your natural hair. By opting for wigs with closures, you can achieve both style and protection for your hair.

    Adjust the Strap Tension:

    Properly adjusting the straps of your custom hairpieces is crucial to prevent undue pressure on your hair. Avoid overly tight straps that can restrict airflow and cause discomfort. If necessary, trim the straps to achieve a comfortable fit and use bobby pins to secure the wig in place without compromising your hair's health.

    Choose the Right Edge Control:

    Selecting the appropriate edge control product is essential for maintaining hair health while wearing wigs. Avoid thick edge control formulas that may cause clumping or breakage. Instead, opt for products enriched with essential oils to nourish and protect your hair. Apply a moderate amount of edge control after washing your hair, gently massaging it to promote hair health and retention.

    Strategies with Combs:

    Understanding the proper use of combs for both your natural hair and wig is crucial. Each requires specific brushing techniques and pressure to avoid damage. Regular scalp massages stimulate blood circulation, promoting hair growth and preventing breakage while brushing.

    Avoid Sleeping in Wigs:

    It's imperative to refrain from sleeping with your wigs on to prevent friction and breakage. Both your hair and the wig can suffer damage if subjected to prolonged friction during sleep.

    By following these essential tips, you can ensure proper care for both your natural hair and custom hairpieces, maintaining their health and vitality for a stunning look inside and out

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