Hair Wigs for Men: Answering Some Common Questions!

    Created to mimic the growth and style of natural hair, male wigs are the newest addition to the fashion world. Besides meeting the latest hair trends, these hairpieces are also ideal for men facing hair loss and pattern baldness due to aging, cancer treatment, and alopecia. While there are a number of medicines to treat such medical conditions, nothing looks convenient and easy as these hair wigs for men.  So you can definitely think about starting your initial journey with these hairpieces.

    However, with so many hair options readily available, it’s quite difficult to personally evaluate them and choose the best one. There might also be certain questions in your mind before switching to male wigs or any other alternate. So, here’s to all those questions and queries:

    wigs for men
    •Evaluation of different hair alternates: Generally, hair replacement can be done in two ways-surgical and non-surgical procedures. While ‘Hair Transplantation’ is an invasive procedure that treats male baldness pattern, it incurs a great amount of risk, cost, and anaesthetic dangers. An easy alternative to this is non-surgical options such as:

    -Toupee: Made with natural or synthetic hairs, a toupee is a hairpiece or partial wig worn to cover partial baldness in men. The base of the toupee is made from a thin and breathable material, thus causes minimal damage to the existing hair. With or without any professional help, you can easily wear a toupee using skin-friendly and chemical-free glue, tape, or adhesives. Being a non-invasive and affordable hair solution, it is certainly the safest and fastest solution to go with!

    -Glued hairpiece: Specifically designed with a resistant, breathable, and ultralight mesh material, a glued hair system ensures utmost comfort and convenience to the wearer. When worn rightly, this hairpiece perfectly covers the pattern baldness while creating a completely natural hairline. As this option requires less adhesives, it demands frequent maintenance and retouches.

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    -Wig: With an ultra-thin skin base, hair wigs for men are undetectable, transparent, lightweight, and super comfortable. Such a monofilament base ensures maximum breathability of the scalp and avoids issues such as scalp dryness and infection. Made of high-quality natural or synthetic hair, the wigs are durable, versatile, and require minimal maintenance. Also, their quality of stitching keeps the shape, style, and texture of Male wigs intact. So wearing a wig not just boosts your confidence but also make you look more young and attractive.

    Hence, on comparing and evaluating all the three options, ‘Wigs’ come out to be easy and budget-friendly options. Since toupee only covers the top portion of the head, it doesn’t offer a natural hairline and requires high maintenance costs. On the other hand, the glued hairpiece can damage your scalp and requires high maintenance too. So hair wigs for men are the only alternatives that comply well with all the conditions.

    •Shave hair completely OR wear a wig: What’s better for a bald man? Whether to shave a head or wear a wig on the existing hairline is a subjective decision. For instance, if you want to wear the wig around the clock without taking it off, then head-shaving is what you should go for. Wearing wig on the shaved head will avoid problems like itchiness, stinky smell, and scalp irritation. Also, it gives you the option to stay wig-free and flaunt your sexy bald look whenever you want. So with a completely shaved off head, you can take your any look forward as per your choice.

    On the contrary, if you want to wear the wig for a limited period of time only, just to look presentable then it is recommended to have some biological hair on the scalp as this will allow you to instantly attach the wig with bobby pins, combs, adhesives, glue, and tapes.

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    •Shopping for the best men’s wig in Canada: While some men embrace their baldness, there are many who miss their natural hair and love the appearance of male wigs. With hair loss in men on the rise today, it requires only the best solution to get out of the balding woes. This is where you can buy wigs online Canada that features an exquisite collection of hair wigs for men in the most natural styles. Each wig has unique features, meeting particular requirements, matching personal tastes, and suiting different lifestyles. You do not just get the free hairstylist assistance with these online stores, but also a convenient ordering process, which altogether makes wig shopping online fun and exciting.

    Understanding the needs of the professional men, hair wigs for men are designed to be stylish, comfortable, and indistinguishable from your natural hair. With dozens of natural color options and versatile styles, male wigs not just help you hide your baldness but also ensure a discreet and sleek hair look.

    This season, surprise yourself with some trending wig hairstyle and get back your lost confidence in full style.

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