Halo Hair Extensions What are They?

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    Halo Hair Extensions What are They?

    Halo hair extensions are a type of hair extension that can be easily installed and taken off instantly. Unlike clip in hair extensions, the removal process is easier and there is zero chance of damage to your own hair because there are no clips. The only attachment is a wire string. 

    The design of these type of hairpieces is something quite ingenious. The halo hair extension is  three or four layers of hair on a weft weft with a wire attachment. The plastic wire that can easily be adjusted to the size of your head. Not all halo hair extensions are the same. Some have clips and a wire and others have a material elastic band clips and a wire. It all depends on the manufacturer and what style you prefer.

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    Most halo hair extension pieces weight around 100 grams in weight. If you have thin hair, it is recommended to always buy two set of halos to get a more natural and voluminous look. Some companies have thicker halos with a density of 180 and in those cases one should be enough. It is best to always check on the density before ordering.

    Something to keep in mind when buying halo hair extensions other than density is whether the ends are layered or cut straight and how full the ends are. Some of the longer halos have very sparse ends so that is why ordering two sets and layering or curling the ends will give you a more natural finish.

    There is nothing more frustrating that having your halo arriving only to find out later that you needed more hair. It is best to play it safe and buy two. Some companies offer bogo sales and that is the best time to get a deal like buy one get the other 50% off so that you can start off with the desired amount of hair.

    The beauty of these wire halo extensions is that they come off easily and add volume and length to your own existing hair without damage. Honestly, they are a dream come true for hair lovers all around.

    Halo hair extensions can be worn by people who have relatively short hair or long. The shortest length is 8 inches and the wearer should already have naturally thick hair on the top of the head because that is the hair that will be needed to pull over the wire and cover it. 

    A great tip for those with oily, thin or short hair to ensure a secure grip or your halo is to tease the hair just above the part where the halo wire will sit. Also, it is a great idea to spray a little dry shampoo along the part for the best fit.

    Quality halo extensions made with remy hair can last you up to a year. Although you can swim in your halo, it is not recommended. If you want to keep your hair extensions a long time, it is best if you remove it each night before bed, give the hair a slight brush through and hang them or lay them in a silk scarf until you are ready to wear them again.

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    Halo hair extensions are available in synthetic and human hair. The human hair ones last the longest but the hair can fade and appear dull over time. In order to keep your extension refreshed and healthy looking, use products like argan oil or oil based conditioners or spray to provide lustre to the hair.

    If you are still deciding on whether or not to try out the halo hair extensions, we recommend that you start out first with a heat friendly synthetic fibre version and upgrade to human hair later. Halo hair is fun and they make you look and feel gorgeous. It's definitely the go to hair extension of the year.

    The halo hair extension is a must try. Perhaps you are used to clip in or wigs, but most people who order a halo go halo forever! Try your halo hair extensions today. Order online here: Shop Halo Hair Extensions

    Happy shopping!

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