How to Customize Your Synthetic Wig

    Usually when people refer to a custom wig, they are referring to a wig that is made from scratch. We also refer to custom wigs as wigs made this way as well as ready to wear wigs from brand manufacturers. A lot of the time we will have a custom ask us if they can cut bangs into a synthetic custom wig. The answer to that is yes. Many people do not know this but if there is a wig that you like on our website that is synthetic and may not come with bangs or is too long, no worries, you can in fact alter the wig to suit you in most cases.
    Synthetic hair is tricky because it is not real hair and you cannot use heat appliances on it but with a pair of sheers, regular scissors or even a razor blade (which is what we recommend) you can cut bangs into your synthetic wig or cut the length as desired. For cutting bangs, the best thing to do is take a spray bottle with water, spray the hair lightly and comb forward the amount of hair that you want for your bang. You should probably be wearing the wig as well so you know how far you want the bangs to hang.
    Once on your head, decide on the length and cut 2 inches longer than your desired length just so if you make a mistake you don't cut them too short. Use your scissors and cut straight across. Then take a razor blade or straight edge and slowly shave away the ends to where you want the bangs to be. Take off the wig and using two or three toupe clips, pin the wet hair forward onto a styro mannequin head and leave to set for 3 hours. When ready to wear, remove the pins and spray with a synthetic wig holding spray to set. And there you are, bangs are now on your synthetic wig.
    If your synthetic wig is too long, don't worry. You can cut it. Place the wig on your head. Pull the hair back into a pony tail and using your scissors cut once across about two inches longer than your desired length. Then remove the wig, place on your wig head and starting from the bottom layer, shave the hair in a downwards motion. This will make the cutting appear more natural and give you a layered look.
    If you have any doubts about whether you can cut and style your synthetic wig on your own, leave it to the experts. Simply pick up the phone and contact local hair dressers in your area and choose only the one that has "experience" cutting wigs. That is always your best bet. If you have any further questions about how to cut or style your synthetic wigs, feel free to contact our staff. Enjoy your hair!
    Hair & Beauty Canada Team
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