How To Straighten a frizzy Wig like a Pro

    Beautifying yourself is gradually becoming a major part of modern life and we use so many different types of things that can be useful in enhancing our looks. Wigs are just as important for adding to your looks and in fact, they help you look really different than what you look with your regular hair. However, frizz development in your hair wigs is an equally serious concern and knowing how to fix them is undoubtedly important.

    how to fix frizzy wig ends

    In this regard, synthetic wigs have a greater chance of getting frizzy and unfortunately, you cannot treat them as your regular hair. You need gentle detangling techniques including straightening with the right equipment like wide tooth combs and fabric softener plus proper washing techniques to make them look soft and shiny again.

    So here’s how to straighten a frizzy wig hair:

    1. Place wig on a head: Get a mannequin head, to begin with as straightening without placing the wig on a head can result in more tangling.

    2. Detangling with wide tooth combs: Use wide tooth comb to remove the tangles and focus more on the ends and go slowly with them. Avoid using a fine tooth comb, else it might add to the hair static.

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    3. Get to a detangling spray or a lotion: Start with a small section of your hair and apply the spray minimally. Make sure to buy a detangling spray that has labels such as "hair detangler " or "wig spray ".

    4. Comb gently: Once the wig is sprayed, comb it gently and remember to detangle the knots carefully. Continue spraying and combing until it's all sorted.

    5. Use diluted fabric softener when you don't have detangling agents: Fabric softener helps to remove the static electricity which is the primary agent for causing frizz in the wigs.

    If you feel that "my human hair wig is dry and frizzy", well for that, things are a bit different than the synthetic wig care. Since real wigs demand careful attention to details so there has to be a systematic approach while making them frizz-free.

    So, for the human hair wigs you must:
    ●    Assess the problem first and then pin it to a canvas head.

    ●    Pinning should be done properly.

    ●    This should be followed by separating the hair into small sections.

    ●    Start detangling in the portions that are extremely matted.

    ●    Add conditioner to the wig.

    ●    The human hair wig care products are available with the top wig suppliers online.

    ●     Start with rubbing the conditioning agents in the more affected areas.

    ●    Avoid excess application.

    ●    Gently comb and detangle while sectioning the hair. This should be followed by a cleansing process with cool running water.

    ●     Followed by cleansing, you have to apply conditioner for a deep conditioning experience. Apply low heat if recommended by the product makers or your hair expert.

    ●    Once the deep conditioning process is taken care of, rinse your wig with cool water. As the wig cap dries completely, re-dampen the wig.

    ●    Brush gently and apply blow dry balm that helps to soften tuber cuticles.

    ●     Blow dry with a boar bristle brush and style as you desire.

    This is definitely enough to take care of your frizzy human hair wig. You must avoid itchy wig solution to save your wig from sudden hairfall. And, the best way to find out is to consult with your hair stylist or buy the right product from the online wedding suppliers who guarantee to supply the best products every time.

    So no matter whether you are switching to wigs for fashion sake or due to some medical reasons, it is important to keep guide to wigs handy to make its best use. You must learn the tips to nourish your wig without damaging it if you want to make it the part of your life on a daily basis. For, your wigs too need to be treated with love and care.

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