Different Ways To Install Your Full Lace Wigs

    Fixing your full lace wigs might come as a daunting task if you are new to full lace and lace front wigs. However, wigs brand these days have made this process simpler so that wigs for women can be worn hassle free. But no matter how easy it might look, it takes a lot of practice to perfect wearing wigs. After all, it is the right fit which matters and one must use the best way to fix it up on the scalp.

    So here are some tried and tested ways to install these full lace wigs, following which, is sure to help you attain that pretty wig look.

    •    Using Glue To Fix Your Wigs

    Using Glue To Fix Your Wigs

    This method requires you to have an oil-free scalp. After doing all the basic preparations like washing, cleaning, and applying scalp protector, you have to apply a thin layer of wig adhesive on your scalp. As soon as this glue dries, you are ready to put on your lace front or full lace wigs. Just align it accurately with your hairline to create a seamless natural look.

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    •    Applying Them With Tape


    Your lace front wigs can be installed with the help of tape as well. All you need to do is cut it into 7-10 smaller pieces depending on your cap size and then using it to create an even hairline. Once it is properly attached, peel off the top layer of the tape to reveal its sticky side followed by fixing your wig on the tape to get that comfortable fit.

    •    Going The Glue-less Way With Straps, Clips, And Sewing


    This method of wig attachment can be very convenient for some wig users as it does not require those glue and tape techniques. It is far more easy and quick. You can either use wig clips to attach your full lace wigs or adjustable straps or a sewing technique to get a flawless wig look under this method.

    Starting with wig clips, they are like small combs that come with snaps or fasteners on them, which get sewn in along the lining of your full lace wigs. If used properly, these clips are enough to secure your wig.

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    Coming over to the adjustable straps, they are used at the nape of the wig, allowing it to fit tightly and snugly on your head without being uncomfortable.

    Last but not the least, sewing it down with your hair. It is one of the longer lasting methods that can be tried without switching to those tapes, glues, and adhesives. Good for both lace front wigs and full lace wigs as it is undetectable and always go unnoticed.

    The wigs for women have turned out to be the best fashion accessory today. However, there are both pros and cons of lace front wigs but with many top wigs brand already in the market; it is easier to make a choice. So choose what goes best with you and follow the right ways to apply them. The above list is enough to get you going through your bad hair days.

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