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Wig Customization and Popular Wig Styles From Hair and Beauty Canada

July 15, 2018

Happy and creative wigging requires no season or reason, once you feel that you are ready to explore a whole new dimension of weaves and hair extensions just set on your hearts and pockets for the same. We never said that it’d be cheap but then it’ll be a luxurious investment with long-term returns. As you step into the bandwagon of using human hair wigs you’d realize that there are certain do’s and don’ts of human hair wigs. Let the ride begin.

How To Make Wigs

Choosing a wig from various types of wig is difficult because singling out a wig from so many options requires exposure and expertise.

So here we’d like to give you an insight into selective and popular wig styles and fashions from the Wigs Canada collection, which stocks up some of the best picks of Hair and Beauty Canada store.

1) Angie Elite| Human Hair Lace Front Wig:

Angie Elite Human Hair Wig Lace Front

This average hair length smart lace wig by Jon Renau comes with comfortable and manageable bangs, a decent crown area, and breathable nape. Available in over 10 colors, this wig is perfect for those who seek a natural look in human hair wigs. The color options are a breath of fresh air.

The commendable mesh design along with adequate hair density makes it a smart pick for the ones who are buying human hair wigs for medical reasons.

2) Katie Holmes Inspired Human Hair Wig:

Katie Holmes Inspired Human Hair Wig

It leaves no room for arguments or confusion when you lay your eyes on this piece of beauty. A glue less wig that doesn’t require glue or tape for adjustment and adhesion. This short wig with its crisp look and sharp bangs is something that calls out to your Hollywood side. A 100% human hair wig with a full lace cap from ear to ear and silky straight hair, this Indian Remy hand-tied bleached knots wig is a must have.

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People who want to experiment with how they’d look in short hair must try this wig to have a 360-degree idea about the same.

3) Megan Human Hair Wig:

Megan Human Hair Wig

With a 120% hair density settled on Swiss lace and made up of 100% human hair bleached knots stretch lace from ear to ear, this wig is around 18 inches long and comes with its own baby hairs. Sleek and elegant straight hair that’s shiny and soft to touch and look at, this wig delivers the picture perfect look.

4) Nala Human Hair Wig:

Nala Human Hair Wig

A hair length of 22 inches and the customizable option of having bangs that are 6 inches long, this beauty comes in 10 plus intriguing and alluring shades. Add in the 120% hair density meshed on Swiss lace and you have quite the ‘catch’ right here.

5) Shanna Human Hair Wig:

Shanna Human Hair Wig

100% Chinese virgin Remy hair that’s beyond silky to touch and of high-quality texture that can be turned into a high ponytail. The entire wig is customizable and can be found in various color, cap, and style choices alike.

Wondering how to make a wig after this? Well, customization allows you to do so too! What wig-craft would you like to try? Let us know.

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