How To Style Your Wig Into A Pixie Look? Short Wigs This Summer

    Short Wig

    Summer season calls in for some creative attention by hairstylists and experts throughout the globe. From your streets to runaway ramps, you can find the vibes everywhere. The latest short hairstyles and cuts for women including stylish short wigs are found to be making their appearance.

    Even though we ladies love our hair, they can be a sure shot hassle at times and summer is definitely the difficult time. So here short wig is the definite answer to that sweaty summer menace that we face. A reason why they come back in fashion at this times of the year.

    The Curly pixie cut wig is what we have set our eyes on this time. It is quite the cutesy and subtly urbane look that we found trending this season. Cheap short wigs are worth a shot if you want to find out about how you’d look in one of the short hairstyles.

    Here, we provide you a step by step guide to cut your wig into a short pixie cut style:

    1) Buy Wigs That Are Cheap: If you are trying to style one on your own rather than taking it to a hairdresser or wig stylist then it is advisable to do so on a cheap hair wig. So buy wigs that aren’t a burden on your pocket.

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    2) Decide The Length: If you want a pixie cut wig with sharp edges then you might as well measure it out and make sure that it sets right. However, styling a curly pixie cut wig can be tricky.

    Curly hair tends to give a false idea about actual hair length. Most of the times the short wig with chin length hair open up to give shoulder length straight hair when observed. Therefore, get your calculations right.

    3) Select A Style That Suits Your Face:

    > If you have a round face then you must give an edgy look to your short wig.

    > Long faced people should go for curly short wigs to create a balance.

    > A square face with a structured jawline calls for creative intuition.

    > Bangs are suitable for the ones with a heart-shaped face.

    > Oval face is an ideal structure to carry out any style with spontaneity.

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    4) Measure Your Head: Get this part of the styling very right because this is where people go wrong. You cannot style your short wig based on estimated assumptions. Take proper pen and paper measurements if you want to see it through. It is therefore advisable to first try styling it out on cheap short wigs. Obviously, if you are going to go chop-chop anyway then why do it on a long hair wig?

    5) What You Need:

    > A dose of creativity which can be found online!

    > A wig stand to balance the wig. Hairclips for making partitions. A tail comb and some sharp scissors along with a spray bottle.

    Post haircut styling involves the look that you want to give to your short wig; be it ironing it flat or curling it out and then settling the look with fixers.

    And bam! You have your pixie cut short wig ready.

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