Interesting and Surest Ways of Making Your Wigs Look More Natural

    So, you have decided to give yourself a makeover and are looking forward to trying out new wigs with your outfits. You probably have heard from friends about the latest wig fashion and want to experiment with them yourself. However, while buying wigs, you must also make sure that your wig does not end up in making you feel overdone and unnatural. The facts about human hair wigs tend to look unnatural and therefore may mar the entire look of yours. Here is how you can add a natural feel to your wigs and also keep their quality intact.

    Ways To Add A Natural Feel To Your Wigs:

    1.    Cut or trim the wig into your desired shape:

    Most of the wigs come in shapeless forms and you need to cut them down to your desired hairstyle. However, do not cut it yourself. It is always a better idea if you take the wig, whether it is a lace front wig or not, to a hair stylist and get it done, to make it look more natural.

    2.    Add some volume to the wig with hair products:

    Both synthetic, as well as natural human hair wigs, tend to look unnatural because they lack that oomph of natural hair. You can use hair volume enhancement products to make them look softer and bouncier.

    3.    Stick the wig well to your hairline:

    Often when we wear wigs, they tend to flip out of our hairline. The best way to get rid of this minor yet the most embarrassing wardrobe malfunction is to stick the wig to your hairline. This way, the entire thing will appear natural and will not pop out suddenly in public. In addition, you can also use bandanas and hats to cover your hairline and thereby make it look more natural.

    4.    Try reducing the synthetic shine of the wig:

    If you are more into online wig shopping, you will mostly come across synthetic products. You can use products such as dry shampoo and baby powder to reduce the plastic shine of the wigs. However, use it judiciously. Using too much baby powder may affect the bounce of the wig. Dry shampoo is a better alternative to baby powder. Just sprinkle a little dry shampoo in between the layers of your wig and you are all set.

    5.    Create baby hairs out of random strands:

    Now the most important part. Wigs tend to look unnatural because they are too perfect. After all, they have no small strands falling out here and there from among the tresses. On the other hand, the natural hair has a softer look as they have baby hairpieces coming out from among the longer ones. Take your wig to a hairstylist and request her to cut a few random strands in order to make it look natural.

    6.    Apply heat or steam to it:

    If you are using a human hair wig, it is perfectly okay to use heat to make it look more natural. However, in the case of synthetic ones, applying heat is a strict no-no. You can use steam though, to get the same results.

    Wigs can make or break your sense of style. Treat your wigs cleverly before stepping out in them, so that people cannot figure out you are wearing one. After all, what is the point of wearing a wig and letting others know about it?

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