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Jon Renau Wigs: Light On Both The Crowns! (Hair and Pocket Currency)

April 27, 2018

The craftsmanship of Jon Renau wigs dates back to 1969. Since then they have managed to contribute fineries alike to the alternative hair industry. Their demand has up-scaled since women adapted the new lightweight revolutionized wigs. Making fashion comfortable and adaptable wigs has been their biggest achievement till date.

Jon Renau wigs answer the question of: how to make a wig look natural. It is a priority for many people that the accessory they wear with their ensemble should fit in just perfectly. Jon Renau wigs are made from certain fibres that weigh half of what a traditionally weaved wig weighs. An instant load shed on your head! Whew.
Change, this is what wig wearers look for. Be it wig virgins or seasonal pros at the game; everyone looks for something new. The latest addition to the collection of Jon Renau wigs has brought a big smile on the faces of brand loyalists.

Some latest Jon Renau wig designs include:

1) Allure Wig (large size):


With an adaptable cap size and decently sized bangs, the wig balances out a subtly professional look along with an outgoing persona. The shade options are vast!

2) Easi Part ( 8-inch Human Hairpiece Topper):

Easi Part ( 8-inch Human Hairpiece Topper)

A human hair topper like this one helps your crown area gain the apt amount of volume, and also, this being on Jon Renau wigs sale helps it go light on your pocket as well as head.

3) Heat Resistant Wig:

Heat (Heat Resistant Wig)

This is all what a stylist could ever ask for! A light-weight wig that has heat resistant fibre which means that it can be styled to perfection without added weight to the head. Well, what are you waiting for? The lace front designs help you gain a natural look.

4) Ignite (heat resistant wig):

Ignite Wig by Jon Renau

With an average cap size and heat resistant feature, one can try various styling options with this short hair wig. More comfortable and adaptable. An all-rounder through summer and fall!

5) Fiery (High heat synthetic fibre):

Fiery (Heat Resistant Wig)

These synthetic wigs and their adaptability to hot iron, tongs, and rolls makes you yearn for more! Long hair with flair, these beauties are must have. With a natural looking mesh design that settles well with your hairline, it gives you a near-perfect natural look. A handsome bargain for your money at Jon Renau wigs sale.

Jon Renau wigs have a large variety of mesh styles and wig designs with synthetic fibres made with versatility that makes them one of the most desirable ladies wigs. A must-have addition to your ensemble accessories as they beat the heat and also formidable chances of the repeat with their versatility.

These “O’solite” wigs, as people call it, are available in a multitude of colors, so if the buyer tramples hope with the question of how to make a wig look natural, one can always find a shade close to their natural hair color and enjoy the delights of wigging with these branded ladies wigs.

Jon Renau wigs have totally upped their game with fantastic wig styles and color options; it is the right time for these hairy adoptions!

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