Making Synthetic and Human Hair Wigs measurement easy!

    The Hair Wigs Toronto are available as human hair wigs or the synthetic hair wigs. The Synthetic hair wigs are considered as out of the box use where as the human hair wigs need a proper fitting. In either case, you need to measure yourself properly before purchasing a wig.

    Hair Wigs measurement

    The Lace Wigs fitting need an accurate measurement of your head. Before taking the measurement you need to flatten your natural hairs as much as possible. The lace wig sits in front of your hair line and accurate measurement will help you buy the right wig and look great with your new accessory.

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    The different measurements you need to take includes one around your head by closely fitting the measuring tape around the boundary of your hairs also called as the circumference of your head. Second important measurement is front to neck including some margin for fitting. While taking these measurements, each measurement is taken three times and the average is used to eliminate any errors.

    Ear to ear measurement is taken once across the front hairline & then over the top of the head also. Measuring Temple to temple around the back of your head is going to add more accuracy to the wig size. The last one is measuring the neck and you have to average out each measurement. All measurements can be sent to the wig manufacturing company through the Wigs stores. It also makes easy for you to buy a human hair or synthetic wig online.

    The Synthetic Wigs are getting manufactured in a way that they are looking very similar to the human wigs and you can get long, short, petite and large wigs in this type. The famous lace front wigs are available in both synthetic as well as human hair type. With the exact matching of color and style, in the case of human hair wig, you will generally end up going to the hair stylist to get the wig fitting done. With synthetic, you may prefer to try it on your own and bond it with your natural hairs. Same goes with Hair Pieces like bangs, wraps, half wigs hair buns and ponytails which you can fit just with hair clips on your own.

    If you are going to get a custom made wig, the measurements which helps are almost similar but they are as detailed as possible, as the wig is designed especially for you. The neck measurements also include ear to ear measurement where the tape measures in a V shape from one ear to the end of your ears on the neck and then to the other ear.

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    The hair artists use plastic and foam heads also to make sure that the wig is made with exact dimensions and try it on the molds before they are shipped to you. The Hair Extension Canada are also available in both hair types. The men’s hair pieces are comparatively much easier to fit and once you get a proper size wig made, you should be able to put it on by yourself.

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