Master The Art Of Synthetic Wig Care With These Simple Tips

August 24, 2016

Master The Art Of Synthetic Wig Care With These Simple Tips

Everybody wants a beauty makeover at some point of the time. And, why not, change is the law of nature and we have full freedom to enjoy different looks at different occasions. Well, when we talk about looks it’s not just about our makeup kit. Our hair plays a major in making us look different. But, it is a hard fact that we can’t try and test different hairstyles on our original tresses every now and then. So, this is where synthetic wigs come into the picture. Easy to wear and care, it only needs your careful attention to make you the eye candy of the event. Yes, in order to look appealing you have to be very particular about your synthetic wig care.

Obviously, the wig care is important if you want to look new and young every time. This is not just limited to its right shampooing or drying procedures but applies to its different wig accessories as well. The type of clips and pins you use to fix your synthetic wigs can greatly affect the quantity of hair on them. So make sure you pick the right accessories to enjoy a great fix up. Let’s check out some tips for an effective wig care:

  1. How To Enjoy A Perfect Fit Of Your Synthetic Wigs?
  • Although wigs can be simply placed like a hat, but there are some things that can help it fit better. If you have a medium or long hair just braid them well and wrap them around your head. This will ensure a tight grip of your synthetic wig
  • For a first-time wig wearer, wear a wig cap underneath your wig for proper positioning. This will help your synthetic wigs to remain clean and sweat-free for a longer time
  • You can also use special wig accessories like clips and tapes to hold it in place
  1. Brush And Comb Them Well If You Want To Retain Their Beauty And Usability For A Longer Time
  • If you want to use a brush or a comb, make sure it is wide toothed otherwise your fingers are enough to comb and smoothen it up
  • Your synthetic wigs are made of fiber, where each hair strand is either glued or tied in. So, the less you style them, the longer they last
  • For an effective wig care, always brush or comb your wig when it’s completely dry
  1. How To Wash Your Synthetic Wigs?
  • You can hand wash it but it involves the risk of tangling. So do it cautiously
  • Wash them after every 7-10 wearings. Soak them in cold shampoo water for not more than 5 minutes. Rinse it gently and leave it to dry after proper conditioning only
  1. Changing The Color Of Your Synthetic Wigs

Just follow these tips and let your synthetic wigs breathe in style!

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