Noriko Wigs: The Best Way To Kick Start Any Day!

Do you want to have an ultimate wig experience with your very first wig purchase? Then Noriko wigs are the way to go. With no fussy fit to strangled hair problems, these are the finest quality wigs you will ever find.

Noriko Wigs CanadaWhile every single purchase of the Noriko Wigs assures you the high-end wig quality and styling, its irresistible multi-tonal color technology and very fine artistry makes you yearn for its other varieties as well.

To make you familiar with its creative styles, cap designs, and colors, following is the list of the types of Noriko Wigs:-



It’s a perfect treat for all the long hair lovers! What else could be more fascinating than long hair that comes in beautiful layers? With an average cap size, its hair length measures 18” from the nape and overall 22”. It is available in a wide range of colors.

•Carrie Wig-

Carrie Wig by Noriko

Its balanced body style with a touch of romance is the best way to grab other’s attention. Carrie is a mid-length synthetic wig with softly shadowed roots and comes in many trendy colors. Its fringe length measures 7”, crown 10.5” and nape 7.5”. The average cap size is machine made thus, making it light and cool.

•Claire Wig-

Claire Wig by Noriko

It is the best among the short synthetic wigs and comes in a collar length with flip style forward layers and textured edges. With an average cap size, its fringe, crown and nape lengths measure 5.6”, 8.4” and 6” respectively. It weighs 3 oz.

•Cory Wig-

Cory Wig by Noriko

With bob in hair trends, one can never run clichéd. This is a synthetic bob hair wig which gives a classy look with its textured fringes. The length measurements of its fringe, crown, and nape are 3.2”, 8.6” and 1.8” respectively.

•Emersion Ladies Wig-

Emerson by Noriko Wigs

Ladies, it is time to flaunt the bold and beautiful aspects of feminism with this unique short synthetic wig! Weighing just 2.5 oz, Emersion is the new cool statement. Its fringe length is 4.5”, crown and nape lengths are 3.9” and 1.4” respectively.

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•Emersion Men’s Wig-

Emerson Men's Wig

With this wig in the list, Noriko wigs ensure that even men are no way behind the trend. Its length measurements measure the same as above.

•Eva Wig-

Eva Wig by Noriko

Get a poised look with this cute pixie hair wig. It comes with a modern swept fringe and a tapered nape. Its fringe is of 5”, crown 4.5” and nape 2”. Its average cap size is machine made.

•Izzie Men’s Wig-

Izzie Men's Wig

For all the trendy males out there, here is the right choice for you. Izzie offers you with a tapered unisex style with an asymmetric fringe to give you a fashionable grunge look. It weighs 2.58 oz. Its fringe is 7.48”, crown is 3.74” and nape is 1.97” in length.

•Janelle Partial Monofilament Wig-

Janelle Partial Monofilament Wig by Noriko

Go bold and sexy with this soft layered, long hair styled synthetic wig. It weighs 5.5 Oz (156 g). Its fringe, crown, and nape are 9”, 12” and 13.7” respectively. Its color tones are wide ranged.

To add more to the trendsetting list of Noriko Wigs, there are Stacie Wig, Robin Synthetic Wig, Paris Monofilament Hairpiece Topper, Reese Wig, Sandie, and Tia, all of which are stylish in their own ways and will definitely make you rock. Meeting the needs of many, these wigs vary from top-notch monofilament wigs to the cheap wigs with wefted cap construction. You can choose any as per your style and budget.

The huge stock of Wigs Vancouver has an upgraded list of different types of Noriko wigs on offer. Just check out which is your type and be the head-turner!

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