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    Raquel Welch - The bombshell who has it all with charisma and her wig business

    Raquel Welch is not just another popular actress who you have witness on the silver screen as a sex symbol. She has time and again proved that she is much more than a sexy body and a pretty face. She always believed in living life queen size and never giving up on things no matter how tough they became. Raquel was initially launched as an actress and then she built an empire with her wig business. Lets delve deeper into the charismatic life of Raquel Welch.

    Early Life and how she started her acting career

    Raquel was born into a modest Spanish household as Jo Raquel Tejada. Her year of birth is 1940 and her father was a spanish aeronautical engineer. She was born in Chicago, Illinois. Raquel was always attracted to performing arts, even as a child. In her early teens, she joined Ballet but quit soon after the teacher told her how her figure wasnt made for it.

    When her family moved to California some years later, she started on her dream again and participated in beauty contests. These initiatives led her to modelling and finally she was casted in a movie in the year 1964. This movie was A house is not a homein which she played the role of a call girl. It wasnt the best one but she finally got a start in the film industry.

    Turning points in acting career and becoming the bombshell

    Raquel married her school sweetheart James Welch in 1959. They had two beautiful children. Raquel Tejada, now addressed as Raquel Welch went on to do more film roles. However, most roles that she did portrayed her as a sexy bombshell or as they say the eye candy of the film. The turning point of her life was the movie One in a millionin which she looked her sexiest self in bikinis. This movie caught the eye of the masses and directly promoted her as the bombshell and the sexiest woman of those times. While it was delightful for Raquel, she was eager to get out of the just a sexy bodyimage. Finally in the year 1970 she received the chance and she grabbed it with both hands.

    Raquel played the role of a transsexual woman in the movie Myra Breckinridge. It was an extremely controversial and challenging role. Despite quenching Raquels thirst for meaningful roles, the movie did not do well on the box office. However, she went on to win the Golden Globe award for her role in Three Musketeersin the year 1974. Several prestigious awards followed this event up till the 80s.

    Raquel Welch - The business woman

    As is evident, Raquel found immense success and wealth in the 80s and was ready to dip her feet in other avenues apart from acting. She released her own book and a video series about fitness and beauty. It was called The Raquel Welch Beauty and Fitness Program. It was released in the year 1984. The book was written by Raquel and photographed by her then husband, Andre Weinfield.

    Soon after this, Raquel started her own cosmetics line and introduced the range of wigs. Her wigs business found immense success and relaunched her in front of the world. Raquels dream of not being remembered simply as a sex icon was finally being fulfilled with her wigs business.

    Running the Wig Business and Aging with Grace

    Raquel’s love of beauty and hair caused her to launch her very own wigs collection under the name “Raquel Welch Wigs”. Her wigs have become the epitome of class and grace. She has such a huge and definitive variety of wigs that it makes one gape with awe. Her wigs suit ladies fro all age groups and are available in both human hair and synthetic hair wigs. Her wig line also includes classic caps, mono top wigs and lace front wig styles.

    Raquel chose to age gracefully with her movie appearances in Legally Blonde (2001) and Forget About It (2006). Raquel was also named as a beauty icon by MAC Cosmetics in the year 2007 during which they chose her to be a model spokesperson for the brand.

    Raquel also became the face of Foster Grants sunglasses during the same time. Raquels desire to be just more than a sex symbol is also reflected in her autobiography released in 2010 which is named Raquel Welch: Beyond the Cleavage.

    Raquel Welchs wigs are not only of appreciable quality but she also names them very interestingly. The wigs have their character and name of their own. There is a wig called spotlightand another called Enigma. Even now Raquel is known to be a vivacious and confident woman who defines the meaning of ageing gracefully and being at peace with a life she has had.

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