Right Ways To Use Wig Clips

May 16, 2019

Finding it difficult to make your hair wigs stay in place? Worry not, this is a common problem that many wig wearers face. On the long run, it is suggested that you shouldn’t use excessive gums and adhesives to hold your wigs in place and this is because there are high chances of skin damage because of the same. This is where wig clips come into the picture. Being easy and long-lasting at the same time, they make perfect wig grips, helping you to keep your wig in place.


Now, how to use these wig clips? Well, here are some steps that will guide you to use them in the right way:

1) Find the right clip size. They are available in various sizes, however, finding the ones that sets well with your hair and gives you a firm grip should be the one that you opt for. Because, it is important that your wig doesn’t slip off from its place and at the same time, doesn’t scratch your scalp off.

2) You can simply use just wig clips or in a combination with adhesives/tape. Go with what you are the most comfortable with as you do not want to apply extra pressure to your head or stress your hair out.

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3) When buying wigs, you can look for the ones which already have wig clips around the seams or you can buy a regular wig and then shop the clips separately. As mentioned before, go with what you are comfortable with and try clip-in your wig after practice only. Otherwise, you might hurt your scalp.

4) If you plan on using only the wig clips then you will need them at the sides and the back to get a natural look in the front along with a clip or two in the crown area to balance the same. These clips are attached to your natural hair through the comb-like structures so you need to make sure that your hair holds them and creates a fine grip.

5) If you have low hair density then it is suggested that you make use of wig clips along with an adhesive of your choice because wig clips alone will stress your hair and might not even securely hold them. Also, there are chances of getting your hair badly pulled in case they are thin. So make sure you use them in a combination only.

6) After you know the best spots to place the clips at, you can even simply sew the clips into the wig which makes it easier to use and then remove later. If you have a lace wig then you can use the seams to aid you with the same.

Make sure that you watch a few tutorial videos to see how wig clips work and how to fix them properly. Try them out and find what suits you the best. Take care of your natural hair while wearing and removing the clips by causing minimum damage through breakage.

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