Should You Buy Human Hair Wigs or Synthetic Hair Wigs? What's the Difference Between the Two?

    It's not easy to pick the right wig at a moment's notice. Most of the time, when it comes to choosing between the human hair wigs and synthetic wigs, the situation becomes perplexing. People have to go through many aspects to pick the best one, either it's durability, budget, event, skin type, and any other need.

    human hair wigs vs synthetic wig
    People usually prefer wigs, because of:

    • Premature hair fall
    • Gray hair
    • Baldness, due to some deficiencies
    • Chemotherapy
    • Radiotherapy

    Most of them are wearing to remain in vogue. Reasons are countless, but solutions came in two forms, human hair wigs, and synthetic hair wigs.

    Usually, people don't think much about what type should they choose. They find it almost equal to have either human hair wigs or synthetic hair wigs. However, let us tell you, there's a vast difference in both that might affect your decision as well.

    Let us know here the meaning of both wigs before going through the pros & cons! Check it out!

    What are the Differences between Human Hair and Synthetic Hair Wigs?

    Usually, there is a difference of thread in the human hair wigs and synthetic hair wigs. Synthetic wigs are generally easier to carry than human hair wigs. You can clasp its form for a long time. But as per human hair wigs, we need to wash it and again mold it in different styles.

    Here are what human and synthetic hair wigs mean!

    1.Human Hair Wigs

    Human hair wigs are formed of real human hair. These wigs are made of real human hair, so the wig looks real. Indonesian, Chinese, Indian strands are mostly used to give it a natural look. Human hair wigs are higher in quality than synthetic hair needs extra maintenance for using it repeatedly. These wigs are useful in daily routine, and you can make different styles too.

    2.Synthetic Hair Wigs

    Synthetic hair wigs are made of human made threads that emulate+- to the quality and texture of real wig. Synthetic wigs are being styles and colored through chemicals that these wigs are competing with human hair wigs.

    Pros and Cons of Wearing Human Hair Wigs


    • It is effortless to style. One can make curls, get straights, and do other hairstyles too.
    • Human hair wigs give a natural look. Gives feels like real human hair. It becomes challenging to differentiate between a real human and synthetic hair.
    • If you are fond of colored hair, you can quickly get your hair colored according to your wish.
    • As this is made of real human hair, we can quickly get different styles, texture, and color.


    • Human hair wigs are no doubt expensive, so one needs to think while buying it.
    • Human hair wigs need some extra care like washing, conditioning to use it for a long time. Mild shampoo can be used to keep it clean.

    Pros and Cons of Wearing Synthetic Hair Wigs


    • As it is made of man made fiber, so it does not need lots of care and maintenance.
    • Synthetic hair wigs are generally pre-styled and don't even lose the style, shine, and texture. So, instantly wearing the wig is possible.
    • Due to the uprising technology, synthetic hair wigs looks almost similar to the human hair wigs.


    • You cannot dye these wigs as these are already chemically colored.
    • Some of the hairstyles made with synthetic wigs need extra care from heat and harmful sun rays.
    • Synthetic hair wigs are sometimes having fewer chances of styling because of sensitivity towards heat.

    With the upgrading technology, the texture of the synthetic hair has been changed up to a large extent. One cannot tell the difference between synthetic hair and human hair. Some of the synthetic hair looks so similar to the human hair that you would never tell the difference. Nonetheless, synthetic hair dearth somewhere we cannot make different hairstyles like human hair.

    Some Quick Human Hair Wigs Facts!

    • Human hair wigs stay for one to three years, whereas synthetic hair wigs remain for four to six months.
    • The price of human hair wigs is higher than synthetic hair wigs. Inexpensive human hair wigs are also available in the market, but if you want a completely natural look with quality hair, then the price might be slightly higher.
    • You can customize the style with human hair wigs, but with synthetic hair wigs, you have to depend upon one form only.
    • Color variations are less in human hair wigs, and sometimes it's difficult to find exact hair color. But in synthetic hair wigs, an abundance of color schemes are available at your disposal.   

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    Take Your Decision Wisely!

    After going through the differences, you might be clear about what human and synthetic wigs are. Also, the advantages and drawbacks are quite clear to you now. So, choose the wigs that suit your personality and your budget the most. Of curse, styling, natural appearance, etc. matters the most, but you can't overlook the cost factor as well.

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