Specially Valen-twined: The Wigs For Your Lady Love!

    The V-day is approaching. What’s your special surprise for your Valentine? When love’s in the air and all she cares about is accessories, body care and at times even her hair – it’s time for some wigging, eh? Yes, wigs too make a great gift if your love loves to flaunt her hair with new styles every day. Order a wig for your lady  at the wig shop this Valentines.

    Say what?!

    Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your girlfriend can be existential problems leading to a major crisis at times! It’s about playing it safe yet gifting her something that’s literally out of the box.

    In short, you are to gift her – something that’s so ‘her’!

    Here’s a list of a wide collection of gifting options and ideas (conventional and experimental ideas included):

    •Body care:

    You love the skin and also the curves. It’s time to celebrate those. Body care lotions, gels, body splash, body wash, moisturizing lotion and what not. The options are endless. Just grab your favorite fragrance and gift it to the person you love. Love should smell nice too!


    The classic choice and the urbane approach. One can never go wrong with perfumes. Valentines week does hold its place in the heart of perfume makers and hence the new fragrances one can experience every year around this time of the year. It’s all about spreading love in the air.


    She’s a jewel and deserves something that adorns and adds to her beauty. Pick up a piece that signifies your relationship. A charm pendant, link bracelets, promise rings or fancy earrings! It’s all about the choices you make and the Valentine collection stores have.

    •Teddy Bear:

    Nobody’s old or ancient for a stuffed goodie, eh? Teddy bears do hold a special significance in a girl’s life, their heart and also in their bed. Something to hold to when you are away. It’s about choosing the right cuddly bear for your girlfriend. Make her feel like a Queen – your Queen.


    Say no more. Say nothing more. They define love at its finest. People might fall in love later but still hold a special place for chocolates in their heart. Everybody has a flavor. A preference, when it comes to chocolates. Maybe it’s time to up your sweet game and take her taste buds through a joyride. Make it memorable, that’s what matters.



    Human hair wigs, yes, that’s what we are talking about. Talk about lace front wigs or hair extensions; it’s made for your girl if she is into experimentation. Girls like to flaunt. What can be better than a hair wig, custom made for your girl?!

    Your girl is quite an explorer and here you are trying to appease her fashion wanderlust. It’s high time to play your cards right and gift her something memorable. Something that reminds her of you, every damn time she wears it.

    It’s about making her feel special and also realize that you understand and recognize her tastes, her preferences. The ball is in your court. Play with the love racquet well and score some brownie points this Valentine’s day.

    Gifting is an Art, a well-bred form of science along with the commercialization of your emotions.

    Get Valen-twined, this season!

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