Stunning Ways to Make Your Full Lace Wig Look More Natural

    There can be numerous reasons why we like to wear full lace wigs. Apart from the obvious convenience of putting a stylish look on within minutes, they allow us to flaunt various other colors and textures than our natural hair and hide imperfections like alopecia effectively. If you are new to wigs, nothing to be worried though. Here in this brief piece, we are going to explain how you can make your full lace wig appears more natural and subtle so that it looks more like an extended part of yourself instead of giving an artificial vibe.

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    Full Lace Wig – A Few Tips and Tricks

    1.How to wear a full lace wig properly:

    You need to make sure that your full lace wig doesn’t get blown away with a gusty wind – that won’t look pretty, trust us! It’s crucial that you wear it correctly, and for that, follow the below-mentioned way -

    •If the texture of your hair is thick or long, you can do corn rolls to put your hair remain controlled and flat under the wig. Securely tuck the braids at back and you can use bobby pins to hold them properly.
    •Now use a wig cap that matches your skin tone and make sure to align the cap edges with the hairline.
    •Full lace wigs and lace front wigs usually have extra lace that needs to be trimmed off.
    •Now, take a cotton swab, soak it in rubbing alcohol, and wipe extra oil from the skin with the same in order to ensure the wig glue sticks properly.
    •If your skin is the sensitive type, better use a scalp protector.
    •Apply thin wig tape strips on the below side of the wig’s hairline. Using it with adhesive is totally optional, though.
    •Now put your wig on head aligning its front and back sides accordingly. Center the wig properly to make sure it sits flat and evenly. Once you see everything is in order and you are satisfied, press the edges down so that the adhesive sticks and the wig snugly fit your head.

    2.How to take care of your Full Lace Wig

    •Even though your wig is not the natural hair you are born with, it requires proper care and maintenance. Below are a few crucial tips that will help you in the same.
    •Firstly, a wig doesn’t come with natural oil glands obviously, therefore it doesn’t require daily washing as well. Cleaning it with a sulfate-free mild shampoo two times a month is enough if it is being used on a regular basis.
    •You need to put the wig on the head of a mannequin in order to maintain its original shape and style when it is not being worn.
    •Styling a wig is straightforward and there’s no special technique or product required. However, using heat is not recommended for a wig with synthetic hair. Or if the wig is built with natural strands, then you can use heat only with a heat protectant to prevent any damage. In short, using any other method that doesn’t require heat is the best way of styling your wig.

    3.Replacing Your Full Lace Wigs Regularly is Important

    If you wear an old wig, that is probably the most surefire way to reveal that you are wearing a wig, which obviously the last thing you would want. Now, it’s impossible for a wig to grow its strands naturally and replace the old hairs; hence its sheen and quality will degrade over time, no matter how well you maintain the same. The rule of thumb is you must replace a wig around every 6 months if it’s a synthetic one. For a wig with natural human hair, you can wear it up to a year maximum.

    4.Wearing the Right Size is Paramount

    It’s essential that you get the ideal sized full lace wig to avoid uncomfortable wearing and it also makes your wig appear natural. Now, in order to know the right size, taking proper measurements of your head with a tape would be helpful. Ask for help from a friend if you can’t do it alone. Once you are able to figure the correct measurement, you can choose a full lace wig that will fit you perfectly.

    Conclusion: Remember you need not follow these tips each time you want to wear your wig, but when you are wearing one for the first time, i.e. a brand new full lace wig. Now if the suggestions seem a bit overwhelming, you can always take help of a professional hair stylist.

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