Taming That Luscious Wig and Everything You Need to Know About It!

    Buying a wig is easy, but styling and complementing it isn’t. There are a lot of individuals who prefer to put the human hair wigs on just as the package arrives, but there are also a few who prefer to customize it before putting it on. But along with customization comes the trouble of reviving the wigs after usage. Improper care of these human hair wigs can lead to severe matting and strands tangling. So you have to be very careful about these delicate pieces so that their freshness, look, and beauty can be preserved rightly.

    Taming That Luscious Wig and Everything You Need to Know About It

    Below is listed a step-wise regime for the revival of your newly bought short human hair wigs.

    Start With Assessing The Problem

    •Matted hair strands
    •Frizzy and dry hair strands
    •Hair strands stuck inside the head cap

    Fixing the Wig to the Canvas Head

    •Each hair tab must be fixed with bobby pins

    •Bottom of each hair tab must also be secured

    •The outer areas covering the nape should also be fixed firmly


    •After the extremely matted areas are identified, part the hair into small sections to begin detangling

    •The small section separation helps to divide the stress among the whole human hair wig and does not wear and tear the strands

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    •2-3 cups of the conditioner must be mixed with hair mists

    •The products must be perfectly blended on palms

    •Apply it on the matted areas that were just detangled

    •Avoid applying a lot in a specific area

    •Detangle once more


    •Using a shampoo, wash it under cool running water

    •Then apply conditioner across the mid and end strands

    Deep Conditioning

    •Brush the hair set

    •Apply the conditioner and spray the mist avoiding the hair cap

    •Blow-dry it with low hair heat for 1-2 minutes

    •Once the process is completed, wash it again with cold water

    Blow Drying

    •Once completely dry, re-dampen the hair set again

    •Gently brush the hair and apply blow-dry balm

    •Blow-dry it as per your needs

    The revival can set the non-colored or colored human hair wigs back to its previous glamor only for it to get styled again.

    How to Style the Wigs?

    Though the internet is the hub of information, you must also be able to screen out the ones you do not require. The basic to achieve the best styled short human hair wigs begin with possessing the right tools and hair products. From the archives of human hair wigs Canada, here are listed what all you need to achieve that perfect style:

    •A paddle brush
    •A wide-tooth comb
    •Small fabric scissors
    •Hair-cutting scissors
    •Sulfate-free shampoo
    •Curling iron
    •Lace tint or makeup foundation

    These basic yet very essential products are the basic go-to list while human hair wigs styling. The hair strands in the wig are looped through laces and any mistreatment to it might lead to the wig having created bald spots.

    So here are listed a few steps with which you might effectively style your wig:

    •The first step involves the thorough wig wash with a good rated sulfate-free shampoo meant for wigs. This shampoo will particularly look into increasing the longevity of the wig by reducing the wear and tear. If you are dealing with colored human hair wigs, ensure using a deep conditioner, or follow a multi-step conditioning process before stepping forward.

    •The next step involves the usage of wide-tooth combs or paddle brushes to detangle the complete hair set. Making sections of the hair and starting from the end to reach the tip of the wig crown will enable to loosen the tension on the hair cap, thus reducing hair breakages.

    •Next, you are required to blow dry the wig to ensure no breakage. Sectioning the hair while doing so will help ease the process.

    •After it is dry, it can then be styled according to needs, with haircuts or gel styling methods.

    Where to Buy the Best Human Hair Wigs in Canada?

    Canada has a lot of options from where you can procure the best suiting styles for your hair and here are listed a few of the famous ones:

    Hair and Beauty Canada
    •Weave Got It Canada
    •Love My Hair Wig Boutique
    •360 Hair Inc. Hair Extensions & Wig supplies
    •The Wig Wardrobe
    •Gabi’s Wigs
    •My Hair Gallery

    Human hair wigs Canada stores are the hub for fashion wigs that would not disappoint you at any stage. Whether it is a temporary wig that you are looking to flaunt or a permanent hair solution or just an experiment to start with, human hair wigs are the best way to start your wig journey, which makes you feel comfortable in your own skin and that too without getting noticed.

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