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Things You Shouldn’t Ignore While Buying Hair Toppers

Hair toppers are identified by a variety of names due to the broad range of options that are available in the market. These are primarily used to hide hair loss or baldness in a more or less partial manner and are also interchangeably known as wiglet, hairpieces, and hair enhancer. These are known as wiglets as they resemble almost mini versions of wigs.

Different types of toppers come with different methods of attachment so that your existing hair can be clipped and the bald portion can be covered sufficiently. However, besides different types, one needs to focus on other factors as well. So this article covers all the important points that one must consider before buying a hair topper. But before that, let’s understand the basics of hair toppers:

What is a hair topper?

A hair topper is something that’s meant to conceal the loss of hair or baldness at different areas of the scalp. These accessories come in different shapes and sizes. Some of the toppers provide better coverage while a few others are designed to cover only the sides of the head or the back of the head. In this regard, the collection of hair toppers Canada is among the trusted products in this category, which are being provided by one of the leading suppliers and manufacturers in the industry that caters to buyers all over the world.
How do hair toppers work?

Some types of hair toppers are meant to specifically add volume to thinning or finer hair strands. However, one thing that you should remember while buying hair toppers is that there's nothing like one size fits all type of solution in terms of hair toppers. The best ways to style hair toppers is to buy the toppers that are designed aesthetically to cover specific areas and blend perfectly with your existing hair.

With toppers, you can easily hide your baldness or partially bald areas. You might as well wear multiple hairpieces to cover the areas that have thin hair.

Why do you need hair toppers?

Firstly, toppers add more volume and body to your hair and eliminate or conceal the patches of baldness. Hair loss mostly occurs due to aging, alopecia and certain treatments like chemotherapy, trichotillomania, and stress to name some and hair toppers work best for all these conditions.

How much does a hair topper cost?

Well, as compared to wigs, hair toppers aren’t that costly. However, their price range varies depending on the type of hair you prefer.  For instance, human hair toppers are costly and usually range between $100 and $600 while the synthetic ones are readily available and fall in a price range of $60 to $400 approx. So it all depends on your hair choice. In this context, the stocks of hair toppers Canada cover it all and have varied varieties for different budgets.

How to choose the right kind of hair toppers?

Choosing the right type of hair toppers is another challenging task. There are steps that you will need to follow to make the right buy:

1.Consider The Type Of Your Hair Loss: You first need to identify the type of hair fall that you are having like whether it is a beginning stage, progressive stage, or advanced stage of hair loss. Accordingly, then plan for the hair topper. You will find an extensive range of hair toppers Canada that suits different types of hair loss and hair colors.

2.The Area Of Your Hair Loss: You must also measure the area of hair that's lost because that will help you find the exact hair topper. Just don’t forget to double check the measurements for accuracy.

3.Choosing The Base Type Is Another Important Factor: If you are experiencing hair loss at the partition, then you must go with a base that is long with monofilament construction. But if it is hair loss at the crown, you will need a classic style construction that comes with a wider base. So choose your base type according to your hair loss type.

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4.Making The Choice Of Hair Type, Length, And Shade: Like wigs, hair toppers too come in human, synthetic, and heat-friendly synthetic hair options. So pick a type that goes well with your natural hair and offers a look that’s real. In terms of length, there are varieties you can choose from depending on the look you want to adopt. It can be a long hairstyle or a short one as per your choice. Talking about the perfect shade, well, it has to be one that closely suits your natural hair color as you won’t be getting exact. You can even take the help of a professional in this regard. Exploring hair toppers Canada collection can definitely help you find that nearly perfect match.

Considering all these factors seriously will surely help you get the right hair topper. For, these are those wig secrets that work well in all situations. Just mind them and plan your hair topper shopping accordingly!

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