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Time To Bring Out Your Inner Diva With Gabor Wigs

Hello! Are you looking for the best wig brand? Are you tensed with what design of the wig will go the best for your frame? Are you with no suggestions? Then, we must tell you, you are here at the right place. We welcome you to Gabor Wigs. For ladies with a sensitive scalp, less hair due to hair fall problems, or hair falls through medication, or even if it is just your desire to bring a change to your crown, the wig is the easiest and most affordable solution. And, with Gabor Wigs, you are sure to get your best match in no time. As you get to access varieties just according to your expectations and style needs.

So here are the loveliest wig collections you will definitely crave for:

1. Love Synthetic Wig:

love synthetic wigs by gabor
As the name suggests, this is a short synthetic wig. It has smooth layers on the top and sides and wavy layers in the back giving it a classy look. The design of this wig is so well-derived that nothing from the inside is visible. It has open ear tubs with ultra-thin open nape for comfort.

Features: It is 4" in the front, 3.75" in the crown, 2" in the sides, 2.75" in the back and 2" in the nape. The average size wig weighs just 2.25 oz. And this is available in every shade of blonde, brown, red and gray.

Costs: $322.67

So what are you waiting for?

2. Folly Wig:

Folly Wig by eva gabor wigs
If you have a diamond, heart or oval-shaped face, this is the best wig suggestion for you. Folly wig is a bob cut wig with full bangs. Sides are angled cut up in chin-length with a neck hanging nape.

Features: 3.75" in front, 7" in crown, 4.75" in the sides, 5.5" in the back and 1.75" in the nape. Folly wig weighs 2.75 oz and it is available in 17 different colors.
So you have a bagful of options to choose from.

Costs: $369.97

3. Gala Wig:

The Gala wig is always a women's favorite. It is a short wig with short textured layers on the sides. The back is simply a basic style. Gala wig best goes with oval, round, diamond, heart, pear and oblong facial shapes.

Features: It is 4 1/2" in the front, 5" in crown, 3 3/4” in the sides, back with 3", Nape 1 1/2”. The weight of this small wig is just 2.0 oz. This category of Gabor
Wigs come in 27 shades of color. Yes! It's true.

Costs: $399.97

4. Acclaim Wig:

Acclaim Wig
Acclaim Gabor Wig is a hand-tight top wig. It looks so cool and natural with its scalloped hairline. The linear in the ears and nape are made of velvet which gives the extremely soft feeling in the mentioned areas.

Features: Acclaim Wig is 4" in the front, 3 3/4 in the crown, sides in 2", 2 1/2 in the back and 2" in the nape. Acclaim Wig is available in 24 different colors.

Costs: $399.97

5. Fantasy Petite Wig:

fantasy petite wig
Finally! The long-awaited long wig is here. If you are searching for a comparatively long hair look, this petite wig is the best by Gabor Wig. It has the hair toppers quality which gives it a more fashionable look. Also, it has open ear tubs, open extended nape and this beautiful wig is available in 13 colors and costs just $499.76.

Gabor Wigs is a much-respected and much-esteemed brand. Their wig secrets are that they are all heat-resistant wigs, which are great by construction, promises longer durability, and are available in beautiful color variants. So be it for any purpose, its huge collection of wigs is good to go with any occasion. They are the wigs that cultivate a unique style in one’s personality, imparting them the best look. These are the kind of collections that you are sure to fall in love with. Just pick your Gabor wig today!

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