Treating Your Synthetic Wigs Right: Washing, Drying, And Maintenance Techniques

January 11, 2019

Usually, people buy synthetic wig thinking it to be a carefree option. But hardly they know that their slightest ignorance with synthetic wig care can lead to its wear and tear. So one has to understand that there are dos and don’ts when it comes to handling these wigs. Though the best part about wearing these wigs is their ease of use and simplicity, there are specific wig care tips that are needed to be followed to make them last longer.


Starting from the synthetic wig wash to its drying and maintenance, caring for your synthetic wigs include certain steps. Below you will find all the right ways in steps that will help you extend the life of your synthetic wig:

Step 1: First, Make It Fit For Washing By De-tangling It

•    With the help of a wide tooth comb, carefully de-tangle your synthetic wig
•    Brush through it lightly and make it tangles-free
•    Make sure you do not pull or drag the hair fibers
•    You can even use your fingers to do the same

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Step 2: Second, Prepare A Wash Tub For Effective Wig Washing

•    Take a bowl and fill it with cold water
•    Add a capful of wig shampoo to it and mix it well
•    Submerge your wig into this mixture and leave it for few minutes
•    There should be enough mixture to thoroughly cover your wig

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Step 3: Third, Rinsing, Conditioning, And Drying

•    Take a fresh bowl of cold water and again put your wig into it to remove shampoo
•    Do not twist your wig
•    Now take a wig conditioner and apply it to your wig stroking downwards from roots to ends
•    Allow it to rest for 4-5 minutes
•    Rinse it again by immersing in a fresh cold water
•    Now, pat your synthetic wig dry by placing it between a folded towel
•    While drying your synthetic wig, make sure you do not squeeze, wring or rub it
•    Remove the towel now

Step 4: Styling The Synthetic Wig

•    Gently shake the wig to revive its original style
•    Alternatively, you can even lightly style it with the help of a wig comb or your fingers
•    Now place your wig on a wig stand to dry naturally
•    Remember, not to use any heating appliances as they will damage its synthetic fibers
•    It is also recommended not to color your synthetic wigs as it cannot be done. It is impossible to color them

So with these wig care tips on your mind, you can never go wrong with the upkeep of your synthetic wigs. These wigs just need the right treatment to shine right. Don’t subject them to extremes, treat them the right way. Enjoy wearing them for a long-time by learning what your synthetic wig can and cannot handle. When you keep all these things in mind, your wigs will be just fine.

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