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Wear Your Wigs In Style: Answers To Some Common Wig Related Queries!

September 24, 2016

Wear Your Wigs In Style: Answers To Some Common Wig Related Queries!

Sometimes your hairdresser really doesn’t understand what you actually want. This is when wigs sound like an apposite option. They are easy to shop and can be bought in any length and style. It is their versatility only that has made them a popular hair alternative. That is why wigs in Canada are making waves amongst the people. Definitely a boon for people with thin hair or some medical ailment, for a new wig user it is still a questionable item, which is but so obvious. So here in this post, we have tried to answer all the questions about wigs in order to create a pleasant wig wearing experience for all the new users.

Take a look and style your wig accordingly:

Question 1: Are wigs hot and uncomfortable?

Well, all hair procedures come with warnings, you just have to be aware of all that. If your wig is making your head itchy then probably you are allergic to its hair, lace or the lace adhesive. Sometimes you buy a tight wig and this can be the reason for feeling hot and uncomfortable. Try adjusting the straps to enjoy its comfy fit. Last, but not the least, it can be hair breakage that is troubling you. So there is always a reason why your wigs are making you uncomfortable. They are actually not hot and uncomfortable.

Question 2: What is the best way to care for a wig?

If you want to preserve the beauty and durability of your wig don’t use extreme heat over it. Always comb it gently to avoid breakage. Whenever you want to wash it, do it with a spray bottle with lukewarm water. And once washed, store it only when it is properly dried. If you will consider these steps seriously your wig is sure to last for a longer time.

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Question 3: What are the different types of lace wigs?

The most popular types of wigs in Toronto these days are the lace wigs. A new wig user can think of using it as it in stores quite a good range. There are French lace wigs, Swiss lace wigs, Stretch lace wigs and full lace wigs to enjoy different looks for different occasions. You just have to check for the quality of the hairpieces and which brand you want to go with to get the most suitable hair wig for yourself.

Question 4:  How do I style a synthetic wig?

When it’s about styling a synthetic wig it is little different than what you do to your natural hair. For a synthetic wig, there are different brushes. You can’t use regular brushes as they can make your wig frizzy and will lead to breakage and split ends. Also, keep it away from heating appliances as excessive heat doesn’t mix well with synthetic fibers. Therefore, it is advisable to go with an already styled synthetic hair wig only. This is the best way to keep them in their stylish form.

Question 5: Do wigs fit even if I have long hair?

Yes, your wigs can fit well even if you have long hair. Just follow these steps to get it adjusted in the best possible way. Do two French braids. Start this by separating your hair right down the middle. Now swirl and tuck your braids into a Heidi Braid hairstyle. In order to hold the braids in place wear a hair cap. Once you have done this all, you are ready to wear a wig.

I hope this post has given all the answers. Now you can buy the wig of your choice and can flaunt it in as many numbers of ways as you want. Happy wigging people!

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