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Wigs for Thinning Hair and Hair Loss

September 05, 2017

Hair & Beauty Canada offers a wide array of products for persons facing hair loss at all levels including wigs for thinning hair. For those of us who choose not to wear wigs but just want to add thickness to thinning areas, we offer top hair pieces in both synthetic and human hair. These hairpieces easily attach to your existing hair with clips and provide an instant natural blend  to your own hair disguising your thinning areas.

Wigs for Thinning Hair and Hair Loss

Our in stock hairpieces are the most affordable option for persons facing hair loss as hair restoration clinics can cost several thousands of dollars and require several costly follow up treatments that cannot guarantee results.

A hair topper is affordable and convenient and fast and easy to apply. The human hair toppers we carry come in a natural blend of colours to suit almost everyone's shade. They also can be dyed by a professional stylist to achieve a flawless identical match to your own hair if needed.

If length is your dilemma, check out our hair extensions in human and heat defiant fibre that clip on preventing damage and stress to the scalp.  And last but not least if you are just tired of your hair, try a full wig for every day wear to change your colour or length and style.  Contact our hair and beauty experts for a free consultation.

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